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Mario Sinacola and Sons Excavating - 2022 Winner of Most Impressive Human Resource Achievement


On-boarding a handful of new employees is a large task for any HR team. Now imagine on-boarding 1,000 new employees. That would take a lot of time, right? Mario Sinacola and Sons Excavating, Inc. is no stranger to that task, and with nearly 1,000 employees in 2021, the construction company recognized the need to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline their HR processes.

In February of 2021, Mario Sinacola implemented Viewpoint HR Management. Prior to implementation, the company used an in-house application developed by their IT team. While this application allowed the HR department to get their job done, the system was very restrictive and required new hires to come in-person to complete all on-boarding paperwork prior to their official first day.

Since implementing Viewpoint HR Management, Mario Sinacola has implemented over 700 new employees, with as many as 85 new hires in a single month.

“In the month of February 2021, we processed and on-boarded our first new hire through the system, and it really has completely changed our whole process, what we’re able to do, how often we’re able to do it, all which allows us to meet the needs of business.” –Ana B., Director of Human Resources

With the new system, the HR team has built out a number of forms for new employees, both in English and Spanish. When new employees are hired, they are sent a link and access code to the Mario Sinacola employee portal. In this portal, they are able to begin and complete all on-boarding paperwork prior to reporting for their first day. With this extra time, Mario Sinacola’s HR team is then able to review all forms and flag questions or corrections. On their first day, new hires report to safety training and orientation within one and a half hours.

Through these improvements and the ability to accelerate on-boarding processes, Mario Sinacola and Sons Excavating is better prepared to meet the demands and needs of a growing business as they surpass 1,000 employees!

We were so excited to award Mario Sinacola and Sons Excavating, Inc. a 2022 Trimble Viewpoint Construction Award for Most Impressive Human Resource Achievement. Check out Mario Sinacola’s full story:

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