Western Speciality Contractors - 2022 Winner of Best Use of Trimble Construction One Technology


Human Resource processes can make or break any company, so having a quick and efficient way for employees and HR staff to find the information they need is key to a functioning business. Using Trimble Construction One, Western Specialty Contractors has been able to achieve just that: A quick, one-stop-shop where key employee information and reports can easily be accessed.

A process that formerly involved Excel spreadsheets being emailed back and forth is now housed in a single Compensation Dashboard. Before implementing the dashboard, searches for salary information, compensation history, merit increase processes, and more, were all performed manually by HR staff which took a considerable amount of time. Today, salary history, salary range of position, position history, bonus history, and additional employee information are located in the Compensation Dashboard. Not only can employees view this information from their employee portal, but managers can view a snapshot of their direct reports’ current compensation with a budget to work against. Managers can also drill down into each of their employees’ individual information.

Additionally, the Compensation Dashboard has built-in workflows and notifications for approvals and rejections that roll throughout the organization. This allows each management level to see a consolidated view as they prepare their budgets.

To develop the Compensation Dashboard, Western Speciality Contractors linked the following software and systems:

  • Viewpoint's HR Resources Master to Microsoft's Active Directory
  • Microsoft's Active Directory to Microsoft's O365 licensing
  • Microsoft to Western's LMS software, LMS Software to Viewpoint's HR Resource Training & HR Code Master
  • Portal Performance Reviews back to HR Resource Reviews
  • Compensation Dashboard merit increases to HR Resources Salary History

Shawn Nichoalds, Sr. Director of IT at Western Specialty Contractors, said: “The project ended up being a Win, Win, Win for our entire company. Our employees appreciated the complete view of their salary and training history at Western. Their supervisors appreciated the automated process of reviewing and approving salary increases.”

Through this updated process, the HR department at Western Specialty Contractors has gone from spending a week of data input for merit increases to three minutes. The technology department has also benefited from the Compensation Dashboard by streamlining and automating the user management process between Viewpoint and Western's Active Directory.

We were so excited to award Western Specialty Contractors a 2022 Trimble Viewpoint Construction Award for Best Use of Trimble Construction One Technology. Check out Western Specialty Contractors full story:

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