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Construction Software According to Kids


Construction Software According to Kids

“If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end.” – Akaine Kramarik

Yesterday, our Portland office participated in Take Your Child to Work Day, and we’re certainly glad we did. By 8am, our office was already teeming with children who were, well – stoked to get to miss school for the day I’m guessing. It took them no time at all to figure out that our tech building boasts of unlimited soda in the kitchen along with a game room featuring ping-pong, bubble hockey and an Xbox. At this point, they were already sold on spending the day with us.

But the day wasn’t all for fun and games – we also had work for them to do. After giving them a brief tour of our marketing department, we decided that we might as well benefit from some of their creative energy and youthful perspective – so we asked them to help us create some new advertisements. The results were quite astounding, here are some of our favorites.

The Simple Marketer – “this is what you need.”

This ad gets straight to the point and look- they even kept us on-brand by mentioning that we’re a part of Trimble. Really, just spot on.

2. The Benefits Peddler – “genrally AMAZING.“

This ad took things to the next level – listing out the ease of use, and the construction-specific focus of our products – plus how can you go wrong with descriptive phrases like “genrally AMAZING”. Come on. 5 stars for this one.

The Innocent Bait-and-Switcher – “5th caller gets a free t-shirt.“

Now this one should get extra points for creativity for sure. I mean, who doesn’t want a free T-shirt? We’ve never offered T-shirts in exchange for demoing our solutions before but maybe we should start. I’m thinking we should hit up these kiddos for a T-shirt design as well, clearly they think outside the box.

4. The Rational Drowner – “it’s cool”, “cool stuff.”

We were just blown away by the thought process here. This ad starts off with a capabilities statement – “you can build a building” (yes, you can). Then a little reminder that “it’s cool”. Awesome. A second reminder that “software” is “cool stuff”. Important. And then finally some competitive language along with “use Viewpoint or you will be sad”- I mean, we didn’t say it, she did.

5. The Poetic Genius – “YOU point to VIEWpoint.”

We loved all of these ads that the kids created, but this one turned out to be our office favorite. That catchy rhyme, the design with the construction worker using a device – all around awesome. We’re stealing that for sure.

Clearly, we tapped into an overlooked talent source when we asked these kids for their help in creating advertisements. It was so fun to see how kids think about technology in the world around them. Which of these child-created construction software ads was your favorite? Let us know with a tweet!

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