4 Reasons to Attend a Digital Contractor Roadshow in Your City This Year


5 Reasons to Attend a Digital Contractor Roadshow in Your City This Year

Every year, we look forward to having contractors from all over the country visit our beautiful home in Portland, Oregon for the Viewpoint Collaborate Conference. But since we partner with contractors all over the United States, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to visit you in your own city! That’s why we are bringing our Digital Contractor Roadshow series to more than 30 cities all over the country in 2019. If you have never attended a Digital Contractor Roadshow, you’re really missing out. Check out this video to see why and read about the top four reasons to attend below to get a full picture of what to expect at these events.

1. Free food — and tasty beverages

It’s the burning question everyone really wants to know. Yes a free event, but will there be food? Of course! We partner with the top hotels and breweries in your area to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere for each event. Lunch is served promptly when you arrive, and we close the event with an open bar. We believe networking and learning is done best when the food and drinks are flowing, so we make that happen.

2. Earn a CPE credit

That’s right, not only will you get to enjoy the spoils of delicious food and drink — you get to invest in yourself as a lifelong learner while you’re at it — AND get credit for it. Between the insights you’ll get from our leading industry speakers on best practices and trends in the industry and the information you will glean from your fellow peers attending at the event, we can guarantee you will walk away having learned something new. And we will see to it that you get your CPE credit for that.

3. Network with other contractors in your area

No one knows construction in your region like other contractors in your region, so who better to discuss construction trends with? We want to provide a space for you to make connections and discuss industry challenges — and solutions — specific to your region. Who knows? Maybe you’ll talk with someone who solved the same labor challengesor productivity struggles your company is dealing with today. At the very least you just might meet someone who understands what the day-to-day is like in your world. And we all need that sometimes.

4. Discuss challenges facing the industry and problem-solve as a group

Apart from networking, there will also be a chance for audience members to chime in during discussions about the changing construction industry. Past roadshow attendees have found this part of the event to be extremely helpful. As a speaker leads the group discussion, audience members can share how their companies have dealt with such changes and this way, the whole group can problem-solve together. At the roadshow we held Spartanburg, South Carolina, for example, one controller shared how difficult it was for her to have to continue re-keying data into the system that the field guys emailed in from the jobsite. In response, another attendee shared her experience with implementing software that eliminated the need for re-entry by automatically syncing data in from the field. And thus, a problem was solved.

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