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5 Key Features of Viewpoint Team


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UK contractors can sign up for a complimentary six-month trial of Viewpoint Team.

In recent news, Viewpoint announced that in light of the recent uncertain business climate the construction industry is operating in, the Viewpoint UK division is offering contractors in the UK and Ireland a six-month trial of its Viewpoint Team solution. Viewpoint Team was developed to address numerous efficiency and productivity challenges contractors faced, especially those that arise on-site and in the field.

Viewpoint Team is the perfect solution for those not involved in a project until after the design phase has finalised. This tends to lean towards small contractors, as well as subcontractors and homebuilders. They typically tend to under invest in technology and are therefore heavily are manual with paper, spreadsheets and email based processes. The lack of digital processes to manage project operations and the field which makes them less productive, prone to more rework and less profitable than their digital peers.

Many of you have already enquired about the Viewpoint Team trial and are looking to maximise the value the product can bring to your projects. Here are five of the top Viewpoint Team capabilities you will want to learn more about in order you make sure your own six-month trial usage is a big success.

Utilise the Intuitive Project Dashboard

Screenshot of Viewpoint Team Project Dashboard

Viewpoint Team gives you real-time and personalised dashboards that prioritise tasks and communicate urgency. Within the dashboard you can access site information, contacts, tools and progress reporting. Make sure to utilise the aspect of the dashboard which allows team members to have their own personalised view, keeping them accountable with sortable and actionable items. They can access all of this data on their mobile or tablet in the field.

Streamline Your Project Communications

Screenshot of Viewpoint Team's Project Communication Feature

Streamline communications and correspondence between the office, field and extended project team of designers, suppliers and more with Viewpoint Team. Maximise the value of project communication with Viewpoint Team and eliminate siloes and errors that occur with email correspondence and subsequently improve pre-configured workflow for RFIs, submittals, daily diaries and Issues on site and in the field. Having an on-site solution for project communications will accelerate information going to the right people within a project and ultimately save time.

Effectively Manage Approved Drawings

Viewpoint Team Screenshot of Construction Drawing

A key feature of Viewpoint Team is its ability to manage approved drawings. With the product you can ensure those in the field are always accessing the very latest approved drawing revision from a single location with the option of ISO19650 naming of sheets. Drawings can be viewed on a mobile device and mark-up from the field, even where there’s no internet connection.

Take Control of your Document Management

Viewpoint Team Screenshot of Document Management Feature

Viewpoint Team provides a central repository to store, access and share files from anywhere, anytime. You can finally replace network drives and generic cloud storage with document management designed for contractors that includes full history, version control, custom folders, security, mark-up and correspondence.

Efficiently Close Out Projects

Viewpoint Team Screenshot Project Management Feature

Viewpoint Team can transform your project closeout. The ability to easily extract documents and correspondence for client handover can ensure timely and cost effective closeout of projects.

Viewpoint Team is a cloud-based web and mobile common data environment for construction site and project management. Developed specifically for small-to-medium contractors, subcontractors and homebuilders, Viewpoint Team offers easy-to-use and secure digital processes for greater control, visibility, productivity and profitability. For more information about Viewpoint Team and to learn more about this exclusive offer visit the Viewpoint website, or please email: [email protected]

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