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©2021 Viewpoint, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "When we looked at Spectrum, we were extremely impressed at the full-suite of job cost accounting, with support for both progress and time and materials billing. Time and materials billing was particularly of interest to us as it is a huge part of the work we do at Helmkamp," said Rob Johnes, the company's president. "At the time, we were doing maybe $40 million worth of T&M work and so you have thousands and thousands of line entries to do that—to type that back into Excel, which was our only way of really tracking these. There was really no profitability report either. So you would just generally look at it and say 'Okay, with this customer, we make 'X' percent.' That was kind of the only back check we could do." As Helmkamp began to get larger, multi-million-dollar contracts, the need for more efficient and effective T&M billing capabilities became readily apparent. "We had one situation in which someone transposed a big number on a concrete ticket. They poured a bunch of concrete and they rolled it into one invoice and it was supposed to be $84,000 and they entered it in as $48,000. There was no check and balance unless you went through and did a physical audit every time you billed or you go line by line in Excel doing manual checks and balances. We were spending money on internal audits on every invoice to catch errors," Johnes said. 3 3

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