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cloud-based functionality has allowed the company to act quicker and work smarter thanks to having real-time data at users' disposal. And, by utilizing Spectrum's cost centers, W. Soule now has a fluid enterprise management system extending to all of its operations. The real-time sharing and analyzing of data across the entire organization and its projects has given W. Soule the modern tools it needs to gain a competitive edge. "We're able to get a lot more granular information now," Dembs said. "With the dashboards, we can look at stuff at a glance now, whereas before we really had to work to drill into information and run reports. Our people have really embraced Spectrum, and I don't hear any of the complaints we used to have when we used Maxwell. From a user standpoint, the company loves this software." Dembs noted that in working closely with Trimble Viewpoint's Spectrum development teams during W. Soule's early adoption of Spectrum Business Intelligence, he realized just how significant the end users' feedback was on Spectrum's development—and its functionality and ease of use. "(Spectrum's developers) have been very responsive and very knowledgeable. They care about talking to clients and working with them to solve problems," Dembs said. "We love the hosted solution and other new features we did not have before. It seems like Spectrum is on the forefront of construction accounting software." 10 ©2021 Viewpoint, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10 Results continued

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