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Construction software has been instrumental in changing the face of the construction industry. While strides are being made to be more connected from the first step of a project, the past 20 years of productivity in the global construction market have only improved 1 per cent year over year. This is costing the global economy more than $2 trillion each year.

One of the largest contributors to this lag in construction productivity is underinvestment in technology, most specifically for subcontractors. As a subcontractor, you’re often at the mercy of the general contractors you work with and are required to use their project management tools. At the same time, you’re trying to keep a close eye on your own jobs, profit margins, invoices, personnel, equipment, drawings, and more.

Without your own project management solution, you’re operating at a huge disadvantage and putting your business at risk. When profit margins hover at only 3 per cent, an entire project gain can be wiped out with one mistake.

In Viewpoint’s latest white paper specifically for subcontractors, we outline 10 reasons where integrated software can come into play to help you gain a competitive edge. Be sure to download the full paper “The Subcontractor’s Guide to Minimising Risk” for an in-depth look at how to take control of your business and find specialised subcontractor solutions.

Below is a sneak peek at what you’ll find in our subcontractor-specific guide.

1. Maximised productivity

When everyone is on the same software, everything runs more smoothly, resulting in maximised productivity. Seamless, real-time workflow across processes eliminates redundant data entry and hunting for information.

2. Cost savings

Thirty five per cent of construction costs are spent on material waste and remedial work. Identifying waste can increase your revenue, but most construction business owners don’t have time to find areas of overspending. Software that easily itemises money that is going out will help you recognise where contracts should be renegotiated, and where you’re overspending.

3. Business overview

The right tools can give you a comprehensive view of where your business stands, including jobs, budgets, employees, and your bottom line. Viewpoint can simplify your project and document management, enabling you to focus on your job, not the paperwork. We provide solutions to improve profitability and visibility, manage risk, and collaborate with entire project teams.

To better manage your business and minimise risk, download our subcontractor-specific white paper and connect with Viewpoint today.

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