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Connected Construction at Work: A New Vision for Success in 2021

Construction Technology Integration Reveals a Path Forward


It has been a little over a year since the bottom fell out of the construction industry. As jobs begin to rebound, more people are vaccinated and COVID restrictions loosen, it feels like we’re turning a corner. In many ways we are. But the construction backlog has been dramatically altered: Investment is different, infrastructure is different and communities are changing. With so many people working remotely, for example, office space no longer has the same value; air purification and touchless facility retrofits, however, are booming.

The construction industry is responding to continued volatility with careful planning and hard-won lessons from the past year. The biggest takeaway for many of us is the importance of being able to pivot, to change directions when circumstances or data reveal new opportunities. If it was important to embrace digitization before COVID hit, it’s even more critical today.

Get Ready for the Construction Infrastructure Opportunities

Connected Construction Connects Data and Technology to Meet New Demands

The scope and scale of today's construction projects is changing how contractors operate.

Connected Construction at Work is a 3-hour event that will reveal:

  • How the industry is rebounding from 2021
  • Where we see early indicators of economic recovery
  • How to lead your organization through the upswing

Our Connected Construction at Work event will focus on infrastructure and other construction opportunities for 2021 and beyond. The American Jobs Plan of 2021 that is moving through Congress, for instance, is potentially twice as big as the 2008 infrastructure investment. It’s significant to our industry, and long overdue.

It’s a magnificent economic opportunity for the industry overall, but contractors also face a big pivot from the way they’ve traditionally operated. Modernizing technologies and workflows to meet new demands, increased focus on HR onboarding and people management, new health and safety measures, the need for more data-driven business decisions and much more are issues contractors are discussing and acting on right now. These pivots are essential to ensuring capital investments and IT spending is measured by state of business and business growth rather than a cost center.

How Viewpoint and Trimble Technology Positions Your Company to Act

Contractors with connected, digital data and workflows throughout their organizations are best poised to win new work with modern demands.

How can Viewpoint and Trimble enhancements help you act quickly and take advantage of the massive coming infrastructure construction opportunities?

As Viewpoint and Trimble come together, we’re helping contractors digitalize and automate even more workflows. From pre-construction planning, through financial and human resource management, to growing a profitable service business — our new solution integrations make it easier to deploy new technologies, integrate data between field and office, and allow contractors to act quickly on new opportunities.

Single sign-on

Software users will be able to access Viewpoint and Trimble services and features from a single sign-on (SSO) without different passwords or having to navigate between different programs.

Connected buying process and added services

It’s much easier to estimate needs, plan expenses, and negotiate contracts with a single trusted vendor for your software portfolio. And when you need to add services — like project management; human capital management; expanded service capabilities; pre-construction and prefabrication; and pricing and procurement — leveraging Viewpoint and Trimble’s single relationship is just another way connected technology saves you time and money.

Connected workflows

Our new unified purchase experience means you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and contracts. You’ll find the right suite of services within a single, transparent pricing model, and a single common vendor. Your services and support will be managed collectively, via single dedicated relationships with support professionals who have a construction background and really know your business. (Nothing new there!)

In a volatile landscape, construction business owners need to know what — and where — new opportunities are. You need to make data-based decisions, and respond and scale quickly. And you need a partner who continues to enable you, as you respond to growth opportunities and environmental changes.

Join us on May 17 as we share insights about the future of connected construction, infrastructure opportunities arising from the American Jobs Plan — plus construction software advancements that will propel your business through a volatile environment.

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