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A New and Improved Vista Experience


Vista's user interface has been updated to a more modern look and feel, providing an intuitive user experience.

Vista’s look and feel is getting a refresh!

With the launch of ViewpointOne in 2018, Viewpoint established a new visual direction for our suite of team and field solutions, with a modern design language that users really loved. With the release of Vista 2020 R1, we are bringing Vista into the ViewpointOne fold from the standpoint of visual identity.

A Simpler, More Modern Construction ERP

Vista users will notice right away that Vista looks fresher, cleaner, and more modern. It’s easier to read and more cohesively fits into the ViewpointOne visual experience. The new, more monochromatic color palette is easier on the eyes and easier to read, but the ability to customize the color palette in Vista is retained.

The former left menu icons in the main menu have been replaced with easier to understand plus and minus signs for the folders, and the colors of the menu and workcenter tabs have been updated to blue and black so it’s more clear which tab is active.

Finally, icons have been updated with a simpler and easier to read two-dimensional design, but retaining the ability to roll over the icons to get tooltips in case you don’t know a function.

Vista's new user experience provides simpler, easier navigation.

New Look, Same Reliable Features and Functionality

All of your Vista workflows remain unchanged, but now tie together better with the extended ViewpointOne suite of construction solutions.

It’s important to note that, despite the visual overhaul for Vista, the way Vista works has not changed. All the forms operate in the same way as before, the tables contain the same information as before, and all your workflows remain unchanged.

Vista is designed for construction, with its features and functionality mapped to how real-world contractors like you operate.

By creating a seamless integration of cloud-based construction ERP software, intuitive web and mobile applications, robust data storage and processing capabilities and powerful analytic and business intelligence tools, the ViewpointOne suite makes it possible for you to become a modern, data-driven contractor.

Leveraging the latest cloud-based technologies, Vista and ViewpointOne solutions can often accomplish in minutes what has traditionally taken your teams weeks or even months to pull together. From automated workflows to self-serve reporting features and mobile apps to streamline work in the field, Vista and ViewpointOne give you the ability to work smarter, make real-time decisions and unlock new possibilities.

Want to see first hand how Vista and ViewpointOne can make your construction management burden simpler and your own operations run easier, contact us today.

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