Top Tips for Tackling Design Build Projects More Effectively


Design-build construction is more popular than ever. Property owners and developers increasingly rely on the expertise of key players in the construction industry to create buildings that meet their needs, style and budget requirements.

It’s a lucrative option for companies that can tackle the complexities and challenges of design-build construction. There are a few things anyone considering this kind of construction project can do to ensure success.

Technology can help shave off inefficiencies and monitor carbon consumption.

#1 Futureproofing Projects

Design-build construction is different from other kinds of building in that the client and their team are assessing your proposal based on the cost but also on the functionality and feasibility of the design.

There’s a growing push in the construction world to build sustainable, eco-friendly buildings and to integrate technology and innovation into every project. Make sure the design you propose will stand the test of time and is timeless and classic rather than full of gimmicks and trends.

Communicating with your team every step of the way can ensure a successful project.

#2 Getting from Paper to the Build

Managing construction projects is always tricky. However, it’s even more complex when you’ve created your own design and specification, and you have to translate the vision in your head and on paper to building materials, walls, floors and roofing.

You’ll need to create your own construction documents for your project, which might include the following:

  • Detailed specifications for all elements of the work
  • Project schedules, including deadlines for crucial tasks and usually a critical path
  • Risk assessments, health and safety plans and quality assurance plans
  • Procurement documentation, purchase orders and requisitions for tools and equipment

Delivering construction projects is always complex, but when you are responsible for planning every element of the work, you really need to pay intense attention to detail.

Not only will you be totally responsible for the planning and execution of the project, but your company will largely be in the driver’s seat.

An experienced design manager can help realise the project vision.

#4 Navigating Uncertainty

It takes a special kind of construction company to confidently and successfully tackle design-build projects. Unlike traditional construction projects, where the client and their professional team tell you what they want, and you just follow instructions, there’s a lot more creativity and ownership involved in this type of project.

One of the most important things any company that is considering this type of construction project can do is hire or appoint a seasoned design manager who can translate clients’ wish lists into plans and specifications.

Planning projects as carefully as possible is another key step but, since these kinds of projects always have some built-in surprises, being flexible enough to change them when necessary is also important.

#5 Running an Efficient Project

The last thing you need to consider when planning to venture into design-build construction is that managing construction projects like this is even more intense than any ordinary building project you’ve tackled before.

Not only will you be totally responsible for the planning and execution of the project, but your company will largely be in the driver’s seat. While your client can (and probably will) still have a professional team on board to oversee the work, they’ll be taking their cues from your teams’ designs and plans.

Running an efficient project that complies with everything from health and safety regulations to construction document legislation is a big job. Make sure you allocate enough project management professionals to assist your design manager and that you have efficient systems and technology to capture project progress and analyse it quickly.

Knowing exactly what is happening on your project every day will help to avoid costly mistakes and delays and help you to complete the work on time and within budget.

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