Your Ultimate Guide to Portland, Oregon for Collaborate 2019


The Ultimate Guide to Portland, Oregon

We can hardly wait to gather more than 2,000 contractors together here in Portland, Oregon for the construction technology conference of the year: Viewpoint Collaborate 2019. In just a few short months, project managers, HR professionals, controllers, executives and IT managers alike will gather in the Oregon convention center for a week of networking and learning together. While the 140 sessions attendees have to choose from will take up the bulk of their days, there is also plenty to be done in Portland during the evenings! To help attendees plan their trip to Portland, we’ve put together a few lists of the best experiences Portland has to offer.


Stretch the Noodle

As you will soon find out, Portland (and Viewpoint) likes their food trucks! If you like noodles that can pack a punch, Stretch the Noodle is the perfect lunch spot for you. Even better, they literally *stretch* the noodles in front of you. Talk about fresh and delicious! This is a popular lunch spot so be prepared for a line if you stop by.


Vodka and Russian food, what could be better? Kachka turns every meal into an event and with over 50 different vodka selections, it’s not hard to see why. Deep, vibrant flavors are served in every dish making this restaurant the perfect dinner spot after a day at the user conference.

Hat Yai

I will never say no to thai food, especially if it’s from Hat Yai. With a vibrant menu full of fried chicken and curry, this is a favorite dining option here in Portland. With two different locations here in Portland, grab some curry, a Thai iced tea and enjoy all that Portland has to offer.

Screen Door

If you love Southern comfort food, Screen Door is the perfect restaurant for you. With a menu full of Southern classics and flavors that will transport outside of the PNW. As a bonus, they deliver! So if you’re cravin’ some Chicken and Waffles half way through your day, you know who to call.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Maybe you’re feeling a little bit homesick or maybe you’re just really, really hungry. Either way, Mother’s Bistro & Bar will provide you with top-notch food made with the best ingredients and a mothers love. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between, Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a must when in Portland!

The Observatory

Looking for a place to go one evening with your new friends from Viewpoint Collaborate? We know exactly where you should go! The Observatory is a local favorite for happy hour snacks, delicious desserts and amazing cocktails. And if you’re on the lookout for somewhere 21+, check out The Observatory’s bar, Over and Out.

Bark City BBQ

Not only do we love Bark City BBQ because they food is to die for, but this food truck is also owned by a Viewpoint spouse. The truck is located in a pod right down the street from Viewpoint and while it is tucked around the bend, the line and scent of delicious BBQ will guide you in the right direction. The dry ribs and mac n cheese will put you in food Heaven!

Jake’s Grill

Seafood, steak, cocktails, what more could one want? Located in a historic hotel in downtown Portland, Jake’s Grill is the perfect way to start a night on the town. If this restaurant suits your fancy, make sure to call or make a reservation online, otherwise it will be difficult to find a table.


Tacos. Cocktails. Rooftop views. Enough said.

Sweets & Coffee

Salt and Straw Ice Cream

The holy grail of delicious ice cream. Our marketing team makes monthly pilgrimage to the nearest salt and straw to try the seasonal flavors which rotate each month. This month is summer berries, but who knows what goodness they will bring forth in September – guess you’ll have to find out!

Papa Hayden

In case you were curious as to where Portland’s hip-ness came from, look no further. Whether you’re looking for some fine dining or you want to try one of their infamous desserts, Papa Hayden is the place to go. Not only are the dishes Instagram worthy, the flavors will leave you only wanting more.

Fifty Licks Ice Cream

Welcome to the city of roses, bridges and wacky ice cream flavors! Just in case your trip to Salt and Straw didn’t cure your sweet tooth cravings, Fifty Licks Ice Cream has you covered. Will you try Soy Sauce Caramel, Thai Rice or one of the other many ice cream flavors? Maybe you’ll just have to try them all! And if you’re a food truck lover like we are here at Viewpoint, make sure to make your way to the Fifty Licks food truck… it’ll be well worth the walk!

Pip’s Doughnuts and Chai

The best little doughnuts you’ve ever had! Pip’s makes their doughnuts fresh to the order and while they are tiny, they are delicious. My personal favorite is the Dirty Woo – sea salt, honey, cinnamon, sugar and Nutella. Yeah. Plus, if it happens to be your birthday week, you get a free dozen!

Blue Star Donuts

I don’t know about you, but my favorite way to start the day is with a donut in my hand- especially when it comes to Blue Star Donuts. While the locals like to push tourists to Voodoo Donuts so that they can keep this secret to themselves, we won’t hide the magic of Blue Star Donuts from you. This gourmet donut shop had 8 different locations throughout Portland, so no matter where your day takes you, there’s bound to be a Blue Star Donut nearby.

Ruby Jewel Scoops

If you haven’t been able to tell already, we REALLY like ice cream! While the flavors at Ruby Jewels may not be as out-there as Salt and Straw or Fifty Licks, the ice cream sandwiches are what set this ice cream shop apart. If you prefer your ice cream between two homemade cookies, Ruby Jewel is a stop you will want to make sure is on your Portland to-do list.

Voodoo Donuts

Ah yes, the iconic donut shop of Portland now available in two locations to accommodate the tourists such as yourself. We think the donuts are underwhelming, compared to some other options *cough cough* Blue Star, but knock yourself out.

Presso Coffee

By far the most instagrammable coffee shop in Portland, this place will have you taking selfies while sipping on a honey rose latte, even if you’ve ever been a selfie-taker before. Located in northeast Portland, it’s a bit off the beaten path between the conference area and downtown where most hotels are located. But if you’re up for a drive, their matcha is worth it.

Stumptown Coffee

Here’s a Portland history lesson for you – and there will be a test. In the mid-19th century Portland was growing so quickly that residents needed to clear out several expanses of trees to make space for new buildings and development. But as the trees were cleared, the tree stumps lingered in several areas so much that the nickname “Stumptown” was coined. So grab a cup in remembrance of Portland’s roots, literally.

Water Avenue Coffee

This one is close to home for us - literally! It’s right down the road from our offices. It’s not uncommon to see a pack of Viewpoint employees making their way over to Water Ave for a delicious cold brew or S’mores Mocha. After the Viewpoint office tours on day one, maybe you’ll swing by and grab a cup.


Mt. Hood Brewery

Is there anything more Oregon than beer? Definitely not. Mt. Hood Brewery is home to all our Portland beer-lovers and serves food that is almost as good as their brews. Located at Tilikum Station, this brewery is just a short drive away and definitely worth the stop.

Vagabond Brewery

Vagabond Brewery recently opened up their fourth location here in Portland and is not just known for their beer, but also for their food. The ribs and oysters are every foodies dream! You will definitely want to make this a part of your next trip to Portland!

Deschutes Brewery

Being from Central Oregon myself, I may be slightly biased when saying that this is one of the best breweries in Portland. If you try their beer and food however, I’m sure you will soon agree. With both year round and seasonal beers, Deschutes Brewery always has a large selection of brews to choose from. And if you’re feeling munchy, make sure to order a plate of the smoked chicken wings – they’re amazing!

Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery

These beers, spirits and canned cocktails may already be a favorite, but they’re even better coming from Portland. With 36 legendary and limited brews in addition to 19 taps, endless opportunities can be found at Rouge. You may just have to go back a second time!

Wayfinder Beer

This brewery is new to the beer scene here in Portland but has already won a variety of awards. Wayfinder can be found inside an old brick warehouse in Portland and offers a variety a new beers. And, if you really like their beer, no one will blame you for taking a whole keg home.

Ecliptic Brewing

Celebrating earth’s journey through the seasons is this brewery’s goal. Ecliptic offers a variety of beers, wines and spirits in addition to a full menu of food. Ecliptic Brewing is out of this world! (See what I did there?)

10 Barrel

Located on a rooftop patio in the middle of the Pearl district, 10 Barrel Brewing is another top Central Oregon brewery. Beer not your thing? No worries. 10 Barrel also serves their own cocktail creations. Enjoy an IPA while eating gorgonzola nachos on top of the Pearl District. Can life get any better? I think not!

Old Town Pizza & Brewing

This brewery makes beers like it’s their job… oh wait, it is! Using reclaimed materials from the 1800-1900’s, the newest location has an atmosphere of authenticity and sustainability. Their beers have the same feel and this brewery is the perfect gathering place for people from all over. Plus, if you’re up for a scare, make sure to visit their haunted taproom on the Eastside.

Von Ebert Brewing

This locally owned brewery pours their beer directly from the brite tanks, leaving the filtering to other breweries. With weekly specials and happy hour five days a week, Von Ebert Brewing is a family friendly location.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

Like the name, the beers found at this brewery may be a bit on the unusual side. Each beer has its own name and unique identity, providing a new experience for everyone who visits. With a large selection of both brews and food items, Hair of the Dog Brewing is a Portland favorite you won’t want to miss.


Rock Climbing

While there may not be too many giant rocks here in Portland for you to climb, Portland does know a thing or two about rock climbing gyms. Both located within walking distance of the convention center, The Circuit Bouldering Gym and Portland Rock Gym are local favorites when it comes to getting your climb-on.

A Hike in the Gorge

Oregon is a beautiful place and when in Portland, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to go out and explore the outdoors. Not located too far outside of Portland is the Columbia River Gorge. While there are countless hikes within this area, a few of our favorites include Multnomah Falls, Angles Rest and Triple Falls. Check out Oregon Hikers for more hike details and suggestions.

Punchbowl Social

Karaoke, bowling, table games and a vintage arcade, what more could one want? At Punch Bowl Social not only do they have the entertainment covered but they also have the food and drinks covered as well. All activities are first come first serve so make sure to show up early in the day or call ahead to make a reservation.

Beer Cruise

Now, I know that we’ve already covered that Portland likes their beer but do you want to know what else Portland likes? Bikes. So we decided to combine the two! If you and a group are interested in cruising around Portland on a giant bike with beers in hand, check out Brew Group and chose your route around Portland. Biking not for you? Look into the Brew Barge and take the beer on the river.

Pittock Mansion

The Pittock Mansion can be found up in the hills of Portland, overlooking the city. The small admission fee provides you access to the mansion, the gate lodge, and the grounds. It’s a wonderful way to get a taste of Portland’s history while enjoying a view that you won’t find anywhere else.

Powell’s City of Books

This bookstore is currently the world’s largest independent bookstore and holds more books than you ever knew existed. With various “colored” rooms throughout the four story building, this bookstore takes up an entire block of downtown Portland. Make sure to carve out some time during your trip to buy a cup of coffee and explore the countless book shelves that create Powell’s.

Wine Tasting

Do I dare claim that Portlanders like their wine more than they like their beer? I’d say we have the wineries to prove it! Within Portland and the surrounding areas (pretty much all of Oregon) it’s not hard to find a nice spot to enjoy a tasting flight or a glass of wine. Here within the downtown Portland area, ENSO Winery, Portland Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room, and Woven Wineworks Tasting Room are just a few of our favorites.


The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has long been a favorite attraction here in Portland. Not only is it located right on the river, it is also located right next door to Viewpoint. With constantly changing attractions, an iMax theatre and planetarium, OMSI has something for everyone.

We hope with this handy guide to Portland you will be able to maximize your time in our city. We cannot wait to have you here for Viewpoint Collaborate 2019!

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