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11 Construction Jobs That Work (Much) Better with Construction Technology

New software technology is helping many parts of the construction business go faster. See 11 hotspots where the rubber hits the road!

Construction Technology/News

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Trimble Construction One: What’s Under the Hood?

Get the details on the latest construction management software, with new model-based estimating, service management, on-demand licenses, and more.

Viewpoint Technology

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BS1192 Naming Convention

The naming convention has been around since 2007 when BS1192 was first created.

Construction Best Practices

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A Guide to BIM

If you work in construction, you can’t escape the buzz around business information modeling (BIM), the 3D modeling method for project communication.

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Construction Industry Trends: April 2018 Roundup

Check out the following stories from April’s news to see what other technology is coming to construction and how it might affect your organization.

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Is a BIM Mandate Coming to the US?

So will the United States ever have a BIM mandate? It’s a question many contractors wonder about because if BIM were to be mandated.

Viewpoint News

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Why It’s Time for Contractors to Adopt Collaborative BIM

The JBKnowledge 2017 Construction Technology Report, which covers topics such as software adoption and IT investment.

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Essential BIM Terminology

Often just considered 3D design, building information modeling (BIM) also acts as a collaborative work platform.

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