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We are so excited to announce that former NFL player and America’s Got Talent finalist, Jon Dorenbos, will be joining us as a keynote speaker for Collaborate 2019! As one of the most sought out motivational speakers of his kind, Dorenbos combines his motivational story with up-close magic. He captivates audiences with his tale of hope, love, forgiveness, and the choice to live life with a positive outlook. With a message that can be applied to any person in any circumstance, Dorenbos’ message is sure to bring lots of magic to this year’s conference.

Jon Dorenbos has faced a life of overcoming obstacles and represents a story of resilience. Right before his 13th birthday, Dorenbos’ life was turned upside down. To cope with the trauma and transitions that were occurring in his life, the young boy turned to magic as an escape. But magic wasn’t Dorenbos’ only passion. Football became another coping mechanism for the young magician and together with magic, Dorenbos turned his life around. After graduating from college, Dorenbos was drafted to the NFL and played fourteen seasons, being best known for his time as a long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles. After a routine physical in 2018, life threw another curve ball. Dorenbos was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm which meant emergency surgery and the end of his NFL career.

After requiring open-heart surgery, Dorenbos turned his focus to growing his magic career. He was a contestant in season eleven of Americas Got Talent. On the show, he received the golden buzzer by judge Ne-Yo and finished the season in 3rd place. Again in 2019, Dorenbos was invited back to participate in America’s Got Talent: The Champions and was recognized as one of the top ten acts in the world. The magician who once performed his tricks in front of a mirror at home, was performing in front of sold out stadiums. Since then, Dorenbos has made regular appearances on Ellen and is the author of Life Is Magic: An Extraordinary True Story of Trauma, an inspirational bestseller. When Dorenbos is not performing magic or preparing for the birth of his daughter, he travels the world as a motivational speaker. We cannot wait to welcome him to our stage at Collaborate 2019!


He’s been a professor and a chief scientist, a founder, a technical fellow and a chief technology officer. Through it all, Raghu Ramakrishnan has been focused on data. Ramakrishnan is Microsoft’s CTO for Data and one of our incredible keynote speakers lined up for Collaborate this year. In his tenure at Microsoft, Ramakrishnan has founded the CISL applied research team and led the development of Azure Data Lake, Microsoft’s exabyte-scale storage and analytics platform. Prior to Microsoft, Ramakrishnan spent 22 years as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in addition to being founder and CTO of QUIQ, an early online crowd-sourced question-answering company. We cannot wait to welcome him to our main stage this year during Collaborate.

And More

We will also get to hear from Viewpoint CEO, Manolis Kotzabasakis as well as Viewpoint CPO, Matt Harris and even several Viewpoint customers! We can hardly wait to welcome you to Portland this September. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do so right away by visiting our website. You can still get a group discount on Collaborate tickets when you purchase 4 or more. See you soon!

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