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How Construction Accounting Can Be More Strategic and Mitigate Risk

One of the accounting department’s greatest assets is its ability to assess risk and avoid it. Harness the power of your accounting department!

Construction Best Practices

7 Minute Read

More Than "Just a Job": Building Careers for Women in Construction

Our customer community feels positive about job prospects for women in construction - now here's how to take that "job" and make it a "career"!

Construction Best Practices

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How a Heavy Civil Contractor Boosted Production by Connecting Their ERP, Field, and Payroll

When Coyote Ridge Construction wanted to improve time report production quantities, this heavy civil contractor knew they needed a modern approach.

Construction Best Practices

4 Minute Read

Construction Industry Trends: December 2023 Roundup

Let's take a look at construction industry news and trends from December 2023.

Construction Technology/News

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SECURE 2.0 Act: What It Means for Your Construction Company in 2024

The SECURE 2.0 Act brings new rules and options for construction companies and their employees when it comes to 401(k) and retirement savings plans.

Education Series

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SDB Contracting Services Wins 2023 Construction Award for Best HR Achievement

Learn about SDB Contracting Services' award winning construction HR process.

Client Spotlight

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Building a Foundation for Well-Being and Mental Health in Construction

Explore the importance of mental health in construction workers and strategies for mental health awareness and support, both on and off the job site.

2 Minute Read

Faster Processing for Construction Timesheets, Expenses and More

A new integration simplifies payroll and time entry, expense management, and documents, certifications, and compliance management for construction AP

Viewpoint News

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