Your Complete Guide to Choosing Sessions for Collaborate 2019


Your Complete Guide to Choosing Sessions for Collaborate 2019

We recently opened up our session registration for Viewpoint Collaborate 2019, which is coming up sooner than you think — September 22-26 here in Portland, Ore. With 130 sessions to choose from, we thought it may seem a bit overwhelming. To help you navigate the session list and better select the sessions that are right for you, we have organized them by different topic tracks. Feel free to jump directly to the track that applies to you to get the info you need!

Industry Best Practices Track

This track was built based on the industry trends or issues our clients have expressed interest in learning more about. So no matter which ERP you use, you are sure to learn something valuable from industry experts to help shape the future of your construction company. A few sessions from this track we highly recommend:

1. Surveying the Construction Technology Landscape: Dodge Report Deep Dive

This session will provide attendees with an in-depth look at how the roles of construction firms are changing as new technologies emerge. We’ll go deep on findings from the 2019 Impact of Technology Implementation on the Construction Industry Study compiled by Dodge Data & Analytics. Attendees will learn how contractors are capturing and processing data today, how technology is aiding project performance, the benefits of contractors moving to the cloud, how more intuitive business intelligence and analytic solutions are being implemented and what technologies contractors can expect to see more of in the near future.

2. Women in Construction

In what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, women are making their mark in construction. From growing and emerging leadership positions to new pushes for recruitment of women in the field, women are playing a much more important role in the future of construction. Hear their stories, successes and challenges they’ve faced along the way in this powerful panel session.

3. Mitigating Risk Throughout the Construction Project

Managing risk on construction projects is nothing new. But what if you could dramatically reduce the risks your construction projects faced every day. This session focuses on the strategies and technologies helping contractors mitigate risks, including a look at enhanced safety measures, cloud-based document and collaboration software that increases accuracy and reduces costly rework, winning strategies to ensure compliance management and much more.

Spectrum Track

If Spectrum is your ERP, we’ll cover everything from service management to job costing and everything in between. This track also includes both beginner and advanced sessions so spectrum users of all experience levels can find value. Here are three sessions from this track that we highly recommend:

1. 50 Things You Didn’t Know Spectrum Could Do

Think you know everything about Spectrum? Join us for a fun, rapid-fire session that will send you home with new Spectrum information that you can use every day back at the office.

2. Mastering Cash Management

Take a deep dive into Cash Management. Learn the ins and outs of recons as well as common issues and how to resolve them. We will also discuss setting positive pay up, wire transfers and direct checks.

3. 10 Things You Didn’t Know That Job Cost Could Do

Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of Job Cost. Topics include overhead allocations, history reclassification, quick job setup, displaying phases over budget and more!

Thousands of contractors gather to learn together.

Vista Track

Whether you’ve just started using Vista or you’ve been on it for 30 years, this track is sure to help you get even more value out of Vista. We have beginner and advanced classes to meet you where you’re at in your Vista proficiency and help you improve. Our top three recommendations for this track are:

1. Vista: WIP’ed into Shape

Job Cost revenue using WIP. Learn about integration of job cost projections and booking over/under billed to adjust revenue recognition in the general ledger in Vista. Plus how to deal with changes in GAAP.

2. Real-Life Data Security

What keeps you up at night? It doesn’t need to be ERP security. Viewpoint’s product team will share recent updates in Vista security, complemented these concepts with practical examples, tips when deploying Vista security.

3. Top 10 Coolest Things You Can Do In Vista

Viewpoint employees have a lot of Vista tricks up their sleeves. Come to this session to learn about features in Vista you may not know about.

View the complete list of Vista sessions here!

ProContractor Track

ProContractor users get all the Industry Best Practice sessions above, as well as the ProContractor track sessions. In addition, if you’d like to attend a session in a different ERP track, just let us know and we’ll help you out. Here are three sessions in the ProContractor track you should definitely consider attending:

1. ProContractor: Advanced Report Writing

Come extend your knowledge of reporting writing with ProContractor. This session will cover a variety of topics to maximize your report writing capability. Attendees will learn a variety of techniques including conditional formatting of background colors, show/hide capability, group filtering and many others.

2. ProContractor Forum: Share the Knowledge

Come learn from your colleagues in this interactive session. Presenters include project managers and controllers from ProContractor users in the general contractor and specialty contractor markets. Learn how they are using ProContractor to maximize their business.

3. ProContractor: Time to Make Some Money!

Time to bill those projects! Wait...there’s a change to the project? Now What? Billing for your projects is critical and so it making sure it is accurate. We will walk through the billing setup, how change orders impact the billing, ensuring change orders appear properly on your billing, and how to address adjustments and correction properly (because those never happen..). View the full list of ProContractor sessions here.

And after the sessions, it's party time!

Sessions are Filling Up - Save Your Seat!

So now that you have a guide to selecting sessions for this year’s Viewpoint Collaborate Conference, don’t wait! Register now and select your sessions all for a special early bird discount price. PLUS right now you can also get an additional special discount — buy four registrations and get one free!

We can’t wait to see you in Portland this September!

See you in Portland!

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