Vista 6.16 Partner Integrations


Aatrix Integration—Vista users will benefit from greatly improved access to federal and state forms with integration to Aatrix, the industry-leading provider of U.S. and Canadian regulatory reporting and e-filing services. To enable this integration, the PR Aatrix Report Selection form is included as a standard Vista Payroll program that provides print and e-file access to hundreds of Aatrix regulatory reports. When the user selects a report, Vista populates data onto an editable view of that report containing defaults and validation to help users accurately complete their work. When ready, users are guided to either print or e-file their finished report.

Nvoicepay Integration—Creating a more efficient and streamlined AP payment workflow, Vista now offers integration with payment partner Nvoicepay. Your AP department can securely pass payment data directly to Nvoicepay, which then fulfills those payments based on vendor preference. This means:

  • A single payment process for all vendors, where your subcontractors can choose how they get paid.
  • No checks to print and mail
  • No ACH or credit service files to generate and upload
  • No need to store and track sensitive vendor banking info
  • Usage-based rebates