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Vista 6.16 Operations Enhancements


Project Management

Enhanced PM Cost Projections—To provide project managers with better ability to manage changing future project costs, PM Cost Projections now shows the difference between the current cost projection and the previous projected value.

New! PM Cost Projections Header Pane—To provide project managers greater real-time understanding of the impact of changes to PM cost projections, a new PM cost projections summary header pane has been added to the PM Cost Projections form, showing Original, Current, Projected and Working costs.

Dispatch Quick Reference Pane—To enhance dispatchers’ efficiency and to reduce the potential for errors, a new configurable quick reference card has been added to the dispatch board. At their fingertips, dispatchers now have critical information in the context of the selected work order or trip relative to the customer, site, agreement, equipment and more.

Create New Quote from Existing Work Order—To make it quicker and easier to quote new work uncovered while on a job, users can now launch a new quote directly from within a Work Order that, once approved, is added to the original Work Order.

Faster Service Agreement Setup—To reduce extra clicks and streamline the creation of new agreements, PMs now have the ability to generate the initial PM Work Orders and billings directly from within the agreement itself.

Derived Flat Price Quoting—This highly requested new quoting method allows the user to easily convert a detailed T&M quote to a flat price quote that contains the original T&M detail when the work is invoiced.