Vista 6.16 Accounting Enhancements


Accounting Work Center—Vista Accounting users will find enhanced usability within the Work Center with a new range of months filter and additional standard queries.

AP Invoice Line Level Warnings—To reduce the chance for errors, warnings have been added at the invoice line level to alert the user if there are open POs or subcontracts associated with the invoice.

Payment Work File Reassignment—to improve flexibility and usability, AP now allows the user to reassign a payment work file to a new owner to allow the workflow to continue.

Unposted Batch Display—To improve usability, the Batch Selection Form has been updated to have the option to display all unposted batches.

Secure EFT Locations—To enhance security, Vista now allows the user to specify a secure location for EFTs and direct deposits, separating the functions of creating and sending the files.