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Unlock Construction Productivity by Integrating Key Workflows


In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how modern construction software can untangle common challenges related to construction data usage, collaboration and profitability.

ViewpointOne for Construction Productivity

By allowing all relevant project stakeholders to access one system of record that displays unified data like job costs, work-in-progress, labor, equipment and materials management and much more and streamlines important workflows across the entire project, your back office and field employees can experience true project collaboration. A potential project risk, missing data or costly construction delay can be identified and amended before it happens while cost controls can be applied to ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.

Take 15: Integrating Workflows to Unlock Productivity

Our most recent webinar, “Integrating Workflows to Unlock Productivity,” dives into challenges that plague construction productivity and how to solve those problems with our ViewpointOne suite of connected construction management solutions. Our senior product manager, Betsy Hoyt , discusses how to merge communication, utilize reports to make key business decisions, bill faster and reduce the risk of fines —all in one unified system.

The ViewpointOne construction management suite simplifies managing your projects, processes and people, bringing your data together for analysis. Pinpoint challenges early, address them and drive better outcomes — and margins

More specifically, the webinar will show you how streamlined, connected workflows can help you:

  • Create a purchase order in ViewpointOne using a mobile device
  • Verify a serial number and/or category for equipment
  • View project “health stats” to help quickly see the robustness and status of a project

Get ready to unlock the door to construction productivity. Watch the webinar below:

Take 15 Webinar Series: Integrating Workflows to Unlock Productivity

To learn more about how ViewpointOne can help your construction organization and its specific needs, connect with a Viewpoint professional today!

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