How to Find, Hire and Retain the Best Construction Employees


In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how adding the right construction human resources software can remove the challenge of finding and retaining talented construction labor.

Removing disconnected, manual processes while empowering construction employees equals happy employees and hire retention rates.

Get Ahead of the Construction Hiring Game

You’ll learn how — and what technologies to look for —during our on-demand Take 15 webinar: “Streamlining Construction Recruiting and Onboarding.”

You’ll specifically learn how to get a grasp on tracking, onboarding and engaging future construction employees in ViewpointOne, our connected construction management suite. You’ll also see how having your own careers page can give you a technological advantage and apparel to modern laborers especially during challenging times. What else?

  • See how removing disconnected tracking systems and manual paper processes can not only improve hiring, but retention in the construction industry
  • Learn how tracking future employee data in one system can speed up the construction HR processes and meet your hiring goals faster
  • Empower employees by enabling them to update their own information such as benefits and paid time off, saving construction HR teams time and resources

Watch the video below and see how technology can help you win the challenging construction hiring game.

Take 15: Streamlining Construction Recruiting and Onboarding

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