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Top 4 Roadshow Takeaways from Viewpoint Customers


What’s on the mind of Viewpoint customers? At our recent “Connect, Lunch, Learn” Roadshow in Portland, Oregon, we got to hear firsthand! Customers had a great afternoon of laughing, networking, and learning from industry experts and fellow customers.

It was held in historic Providence Park where we had a view of the field during lunch and presentations. After the learning, we got down on the field for a group picture and a short tour of the stadium that was built in 1927.

We hosted similar events in San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago, AND have more awesome Roadshow events planned for 2024, so stay tuned!

So … what was on everyone’s mind in Portland?

1. Tools need to connect (even if they’re different)

Trimble’s acquisition of Ryvit, now Data Xchange, in January 2023, made it easier for customers to connect the tools they’re already using, including other third-party products, to Trimble Viewpoint solutions. For example, Data Xchange has an integration that connects Spectrum Field to ADP Tax Export.

What customers were really talking about here is interoperability.

Interoperability is the ability of computer systems or software to automatically exchange and use information. Interoperability helps stakeholders quickly make decisions and move a project forward with the confidence that the information is timely and accurate. It provides much-needed efficiency, real-time decision making, and reduces errors.

Trimble is investing more in connecting your software and building out a truly connected suite through acquisitions and home built connections.

Another recent addition, B2W, estimating, operations and equipment maintenance software for heavy construction — rounding out Trimble’s pre-construction offering for heavy civil contractors.

Roadshow Key Takeaways

2. Office Tools are here to stay for Vista customers

It allows users to access the forms available in your Vista ERP via the web. Currently over 90 Vista forms are available, with more forms to be added in future releases. Licensed users can access the same forms and attachments in the web portal that they have permissions to access in Vista.

3. Old challenges plague contractors

Just like Groundhog Day, it’s a new day but the same old problems for Pacific Northwest contractors: the current labor shortage that is spurred by an aging workforce, material and equipment supply, and increasingly complex regulations for contractors in the area. (Sound familiar?)

Tracy Allen, from Aldrich Advisors led the conversation with customers, who talked about the importance of investing both in sufficient technology in order to keep up with an increasingly complicated landscape—and investing into the future of the construction workforce, sharing ideas to attract and retain younger workers.

Roadshow Key takeaways

4. Do your due diligence before moving to the cloud.

It’s normal to be apprehensive about losing control, or about the effort it takes to move your operations to the cloud. But customers have found that they are able to control the cadence of updates and address problems quickly with top of the line support. The goal is to deliver more value in the software and to ensure that you have the latest and greatest in terms of security and functionality.

We want to share a heartfelt THANK YOU! to everyone who took the time to join us at our 2023 Roadshow events - especially our speakers Kim Folgate, Project Systems Manager for R&H Construction, and Tracy Allen from Aldrich Advisors. We are grateful that you helped create such a positive environment, and we hope that you enjoyed it and maybe learned a few things. (We certainly did!)

Keep your eyes open for even more regional roadshow goodness in 2024! We’ll definitely be back with more events and more awesome content from construction experts and customers. 

To keep up to date with all of our upcoming in-person events, check out the Trimble Viewpoint upcoming events page on our website!

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