Playing it Safe: The Q3/Q4 2023 Quarterly Construction Metrics Index


When we pulled real-time data from 1,000 Trimble Viewpoint customers who entered their data into our ERP systems in Q3/Q4 2023, and compared it against data from the same time period the year prior as well as year-over-year, we saw much of the same patterns as before.

The last 6 months of 2023 saw a decline in project starts and contract values, an increase in cash flow, and a small bump in hiring.

We then asked The Network, Trimble Viewpoint’s customer group, whether these stats mirrored their own experiences, and we got some surprising feedback!

Read on for a snapshot of those data points, alongside anecdotal feedback from the Network to help you make better sense of the current construction landscape. 

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Project Starts Are Not Necessarily Down Across the Board

According to the Q3/Q4 2023 Metrics Index, new project starts decreased 35% compared to Q3 and Q4 of 2022, and they decreased 28% in 2023 as compared to 2022.

New construction projects decreased 35% year over year

This was most pronounced with heavy highway and civil contractors who saw the largest decline—74% in Q3/Q4 2023. General contractors saw lower declines (27%) while specialty contractors saw the lowest declines (20%).

Most of these declines were similarly reflected year-over-year as well.

When the Network was asked about their project starts, 52% said their projects had increased, 35% said their projects had stayed the same, while only 13% said they had declined. When asked to elaborate, they said:

  • “We have a backlog of large, multi-year projects and our new project starts remain similar to prior years.”
  • “Municipalities are starting to approve projects that they postponed because of COVID.”
  • “Our bidders were ramping up for 2024.”
  • “We're seeing large multi-family projects being pushed back significantly.”
  • “Large projects previously on hold are finally starting up.”

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Many Contractors Experienced Higher Contract Values

Contract value data pulled for the Q3/Q4 2023 Metrics Index showed that contract values decreased 13% compared to Q3/Q4 of 2022, and they decreased 7% year-over-year. This is less dramatic than what was seen in previous quarters. 

When Network respondents were asked about their contract values, 61% said they had increased as compared to the same time period last year, 36% said they stayed the same, and only 4% saw decreases.

  • “Fewer total projects in heavy highway, but project size has dramatically increased.”
  • “A lot larger contracts are popping up.”

Cash Flow Increased For Most Contractors

The Q3/Q4 2023 Metrics Index data showed that cash flow increased 9% in Q3/Q4 and was flat year-over-year, which meant that most contractors held onto cash versus spent it on projects or other capital investments.

46% of Network respondents said their cash flow increased in Q3/Q4, 43% said it stayed the same, and 11% said it decreased.

  • “Larger projects generate larger expenses and cash flow monthly.”
  • “It varied throughout the year, but spend mostly up!”
  • “Billings have increased.”

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Hiring Showed Modest Growth

Hiring increased 1.5% in the Q3/Q4 Metrics Index, yet it modestly decreased 1% when compared year-over-year.

Half of Network respondents said they increased their hiring, 39% stayed the same, while 11% decreased their hiring.

  • “We've hired additional project management due to larger project size and scope.”
  • “We did a lot of hiring, but we also let go or lost most of those people quickly, lots of turnaround.”
  • “Retention is the hardest part.”
  • “There is not an easy process to find great candidates, so we are keeping doors open for new talent.”

Copper Prices Decreased in Q3/Q4 2024

The price of copper was relatively stable in 2023, yet the price still dropped by about 4% in the second half of 2023, which could indicate that there is simply less demand for copper.

66% of Network respondents said they paid the same amount of money for copper, 29% said they paid more, while only 4% said they paid less. 

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