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A Better Way to Collect Field Management Data Faster

Introducing Traqspera Field Management for Viewpoint Spectrum (with Q&A!)


“Traqspera allows us to complete payroll in record time, while saving us time and mistakes. Our site foremen use it every day in the field for timesheets and expenses in minutes, and we instantly have access to everything. Simply put, we wouldn’t have been able to sustain the growth we experienced over the last year if we were not using Traqspera.” - Karen McKay, Business Process Manager, Ocean Park Mechanical

Have you heard the news? Traqspera is here—with the latest connection to the Viewpoint Spectrum ERP!

Traqspera brings robust field capabilities, such as mobile time tracking, geofencing, and daily field reporting (just to name a few)—with an enhanced user experience.

Traqspera Field is an easy-to-use, comprehensive time collection platform that syncs jobs, phases, employee, and equipment data seamlessly into to Spectrum. What do contractors get?

  • Fast and accurate mobile time entry
  • Automated field ticketing for simplified billing
  • Real-time job cost visibility

Why is it so important to capture field data quickly? Well, 53% of contractors say they spend over 10 hours per week chasing information they need from different people and systems, according to a 2023 survey from Construction Dive.

Traqspera was built by contractors for contractors. Over the years, we've worked hand in hand with our partners to build a robust thorough integration for Spectrum, recognizing the need for more comprehensive time capture capabilities while also tying together field ticketing, daily reports, safety forms, certificates, many things as well related to field tools.

Slick Field Time-capture Capabilities

Quickly capture time and more data in the field with Traqspera, and automatically sync to the Spectrum ERP

At its core, Traqspera is an comprehensive time collection platform that syncs labor hours, jobs, phases, and equipment data seamlessly to Spectrum.

  1. Fast and accurate mobile time entry allows customers to track individual and crew labor hours right from their mobile devices, syncing directly into Spectrum
  2. Automated field ticketing creates a simplified billing process by collecting LEMs (labor, equipment, and material) data from the field—for accurate and timely customer invoicing
  3. Visibility into real-time data collected in the field so contractors can accurately predict job costs, allowing them to run their business more efficiently

See what the fuss is all about.

See Traqspera Field Management on a mobile device

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