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Traqspera Joins Trimble to Improve Field Capture, HR Workflows


The goal of Trimble Construction One, Trimble's cloud-based construction management technology suite, is to build stronger ties between the office and field, so teams can work faster, with more accuracy.

That's why we're proud to announce today that Traqspera, a leading provider of integrated field capture solutions, will join Trimble to strengthen our capabilities across Trimble Construction One.

Traqspera joins Trimble

That means two things:

  • For your data, it means getting accurate information where it needs to be as fast as possible
  • For your people, when you connect them more closely and make things more efficient, you build trust and partnership — which brings its own efficiency (and fun!) gains.

How Traqspera Fits Into Trimble Construction One

Traqspera will be focused on adding value for Spectrum customers. Spectrum finance and project managers will be among the biggest winners, with accurate and real time data about field labor, equipment and progress capture gathered by their field counterparts via Traqspera Field and integrated mobile app.

Another leap forward will come for HR pros — and all employees. Traqspera HR will add important new features like individual time entry, expense management, and certification management to Viewpoint HR Management for Spectrum. This helps companies improve safety, simplify compliance, and more easily reimburse employees for work-related costs.

Traqspera: More than Time Entry Software

Based in Kamloops, BC, Traqspera is known best for their construction-specific time capture platform. Contractors have distinct needs for labor capture, including overtime, doubletime, union reporting, certified payroll rules, GPS-enabled time, among others.

Traqspera separated itself from the competition by providing equipment, materials and project progress, as well as time capture and a variety of other contractor time-keeping methods, like crew time entry and approval tied to job and phase codes. Many time-and-materials contractor customers used Traqspera’s app for field tickets, while other contractors simply wanted the added visibility for project managers and accounting.

As the company grew, it added more functionality used for employee management, such as the ability to quickly submit employee expenses and integrate them into Spectrum workflows. It also added tracking employee certifications and expiration dates, all of which will be features added to Traqspera HR.

Where Can I Learn More?

For existing Traqspera customers — many of whom are already Trimble Viewpoint customers — this will mean business as usual. The same great people will provide the same great service. We're also going under the hood to understand where we may best use Traqspera's capabilities in other areas.

But first, we're excited to share more about our plans to utilize the capabilities of the Traqspera platform for Spectrum users and how it fits into Trimble Construction One. We'll do that at one (or both!) of the following October webinars.

  1. Oct. 11 Webinar: Traqspera Field: Focus on field capture of labor and equipment
  2. Oct. 12 Webinar: Traqspera HR: Focus on time entry, expense management, certifications and company documents

Register for one or both Trimble-Traqspera webinars.

You can also learn more during dedicated Traqspera sessions at the Trimble Dimensions construction software event, November 6-8, in Las Vegas.

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