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Faster Processing for Construction Timesheets, Expenses and More

New Traqspera Features Fire Up Spectrum HRM!


You might have already heard that Traqspera has recently joined forces with Trimble, bringing best-in-class AP and payroll management to Viewpoint Spectrum (plus some very exciting new field management capabilities to Viewpoint Vista)! 

Spectrum and Traqspera Make HR Management Much Easier
New Spectrum and Traqspera Capabilities Make HR Management Much Easier

BUT - for all you construction HR managers in the trenches - you might NOT know just how much easier AP, payroll, and expense management can be! 

(HINT: We are talking about a native integration between Traqspera and your Spectrum ERP so this system is both pulling and pushing data hourly.)

Read on to see how to simplify construction:

  • Payroll and time entry
  • Expense management
  • Documents, certifications, and compliance management

Payroll and Time Entry

What kinds of time entry can your teams do? Talk about options: They can clock in and out, even offline. Timesheet entry options include Regular, Overtime, and Double time. Hours per day, start-stop times, clock in clock out. 

Employee time entry and expense reporting
The new Spectrum + Traqspera employee time entry and expense reporting

Spectrum can manage your overtime and double-time rules, with configurable approval options. But the new Time Entry functionality is really designed for individual users, with functionality like geo-tracking of time entries that alerts the employee if they are clocking in too far from the job site.

With built-in compliance—in the form of custom attestation questions (up to 5 per timesheet), configurable OT/DT rules, and configurable approvals—there's so much you no longer have to worry about!

“Traqspera seamlessly integrates to allows us to complete payroll in record time while saving us time and mistakes. Our site foremen use it every day in the field for timesheets and expenses in minutes, and we instantly have access to everything. We wouldn’t have been able to sustain the growth we experienced over the last year if we were not using Traqspera.” - Karen McKay, Business Process Manager, Ocean Park Mechanical

Simplify Expense Management

Expense management is a win-win area for HR managers and employees alike. Employees can now enter an expense item on their phone, code it to the proper job and phase code, and simply take a quick picture of that receipt!

Employees can also:

  • capture and code expenses, back to job codes, phase codes—for example, bill a case of oil back to a specific piece of equipment
  • track their pre-determined per diems in the system
  • indicate if an item is billable to your own customer (And then pull in your markup from the back office!)

HR managers can improve timeliness and ease of job costing. You can now manage all expense items with many configurable options, including equipment time and expenses (receipts and per diems) for each day.

Documents, Certifications, and Compliance

Now manage individual timesheets, expenses, employee certifications, and a document library

We’ve already mentioned the custom attestation questions that you can set up on your employee timesheets. Spectrum HRM now offers access to employee certifications and learnings, complete with expiration dates and a copy of the associated document as well. You can choose to allow an employee to upload a newly received certification! 

HR and Safety administrators can run and create custom reports, for example, for safety, incidents, and expiring certifications. 

And don't forget the document library! HR admins now have the easy ability to upload and manage all of the company documents they need access to for your employees. 

Traqspera HR Management FAQ

We know there's a lot more to HR and expense management. Here are the top questions from other HR managers like you:

Question: What about crew time vs. individual time?

Answer: The Spectrum - Traqspera integration can handle both! 

You can use the time sheet to see a list of all of the time entries for all of the employees summarized together, whether you're on an individual or a crew time sheet, any combination. You can set up permissions based on visibility for approval: admins can see everything.

Question: Can we have a mix of time entry options? 

For example, what if some folks are doing clock in clock out, and others are just inputting the hours they worked, or starting time? Can the options be based on the department that they're in?

Answer: Yes, and yes! You can have very specific configurations for each department, each company, and each "user role." For each different role, you can configure the permissions differently for each role, and slice and dice as you need.

Question: What about multi-state payroll?

If I have workers in multiple states with different overtime rules, can the new Traqspera integration calculate overtime based on the state that they work in?

Answer: Yes! (You'll need to turn on the state rules option in the time sheet.) You can do this on a company level, a state level, and a union level. For example, a worker in California has a daily rule of eight hours, while a different worker in Colorado has an overtime rule of ten hours. That can be set up with Traqspera.

Question: Do service work orders sync with the work order module in Spectrum?

Answer: Oh yeah! We can we can sync it with that department. So with the service work order, we can change that department just like we would with job cost or administrative or or equipment. So it is one of the options we can select. And and, yes, it'll it'll connect with Spectrum service work order module.

Intrigued? Excited? Want to learn more? Watch the webinar for details!

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