How to Get the Most Out of Your Construction Data — Without the Stress


Harnessing your construction data is easier than you might think with intuitive tools like Viewpoint Analytics.

What is the one thing that can dramatically improve your construction projects? Better data. The more construction data you have at your fingertips and the better you understand that data, the better ability you have to make actionable financial business decisions — both in real time on current projects and for future work.

Even before the construction industry was forced to pivot through the COVID-19 pandemic, many contractors were already modernizing their operations to take advantage of real-time data and decision-making technologies. Thanks to advancements like integrated, cloud-based software solutions and intuitive construction data analysis tools, the construction industry is undergoing a transformation being led by a new wave of data-driven contractors.

No Stress Reporting and Analytics

Does data analytics sound intimidating? Is your business data often hard to find and do you need training in complex applications such as Crystal Reports to put it to use? Do you have to wait for reports that keep you from maintaining real time visibility into project status and profitability? If any of this sounds familiar, the good news is that new powerful data and reporting technologies are now available and easily put to use across your entire organization.

Join Kiran Penaka, Viewpoint’s product manager for business intelligence for a special Take 15 webinar, No Stress Reporting and Analytics on Jan. 15 at 9:00 a.m. PST , to learn how integrated, simple-to-use Viewpoint Analytics makes it easy to gain critical insights into your projects in real time. Easy to use analytics tools and self-service reporting give you the control you need to manage costs and preserve profit margins.

The Power of Connected Construction Data

Viewpoint Analytics lets construction professionals self-serve their own data needs with simple drag-and-drop reporting and analytics.

Viewpoint Analytics lets you smartly manage and analyze your data in a centralized, secure cloud environment. Part of the connected ViewpointOne suite of integrated, cloud-based solutions, Viewpoint Analytics gives your teams the ability to self-serve their own data needs by easily creating custom reports and dashboards, powerful data visualizations and much more with simple drag-and-drop features. Instantly share data analysis with others throughout your organization. Leverage your data analysis into direct action and processes in the field to realize greater productivity and profitability now and for the future.

Unlike software that solves a single need for customers or compels them to work within the restraints of a larger, out-of-the-box ERP solution, ViewpointOne provides a complete, integrated software suite that seamlessly manages your people, projects and processes. The ViewpointOne solutions were designed specifically to help you take control of your construction data and better understand your projects — in the easiest ways possible.

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