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Tool Tracking Comes to Construction Management

Hilti ON!Track Now Integrates with Viewpoint Vista


The average jobsite loses 1 day per month of productivity searching for tools

“Now where did that impact driver go?”

Did you know the average jobsite loses one day per month in productivity because workers have to search for tools?

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Hilti ON!Track tool management! The new integration brings tool tracking and management into the Viewpoint Vista ERP, part of Trimble Construction One. 

The integration between Hilti ON!Track tool management system and Viewpoint Vista provides a solution for unified tool tracking and more accurate, automatic job allocation, giving contractors one source of truth for tracking and managing their tools and equipment. Instead of having to manually look for tools or guesstimate how much to invoice based on their use, contractors can now track their tools and equipment in one place.

The new Hilti ON!Track integration makes it easy to see tools and equipment use. Now contractors can quickly allocate it to the right job, invoice accurately, and move those equipment costs “above the line.”

Integrating tool tracking into your ERP can help construction teams in several ways:

  1. Maintain productivity on the project
  2. Prevent loss and theft
  3. Invoice for tool usage

Read on to see why we’re so excited about the new Hilti ON!Track partnership.

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