First, Digital Timesheets; Next, the Moon?


Well, maybe. The sky's the limit when you digitize your employee time cards with the latest Traqspera Field Management for Viewpoint Spectrum!

How long does it take you to collect and organize all your employees time cards, and make sense of them? How many errors need to be fixed before payroll & invoicing can be processed? How long is the line of employees after all of this, on payday, with more errors to fix?

When timecards are being done on paper and spreadsheets, they’re prone to mistakes, inaccurate data, illegible writing, and potential abuse from employees (we hate to say it, but it happens).

A Better Way to Manage Construction Time Cards

88% of spreadsheets have errors, most often due to lack of documentation, poor spreadsheet formatting, and poor design. These errors may then be passed through to invoicing, and even if they’re caught after that, it’s often too late to correct the transaction.

Imagine a world where every employee or supervisor simply opened their phone or laptop, chose the job from a dropdown, chose the equipment they used, how many hours they worked, and submitted it for the day.

Too easy?

Nope! This is what Traqspera Field Management for Viewpoint Spectrum does. It delivers timesheets that are far less error prone and more accurate than paper and spreadsheets:

  • Payroll and time entry
  • Expense management
  • Documents, certifications, and compliance management

3-Step Field Management for Time Sheets

Here’s how it works:

  1. Time and equipment are entered by employees or supervisors at the end of each day, either individually or a whole crew at a time.
  2. These are then approved by project managers, any corrections are caught right that day
  3. These labor hours are instantly available in job reports for cost & budgets, as well as for accounting & payroll to lock everything down and import it into the accounting system in seconds, not days. 98% less errors, and most importantly no more faxing.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Go digital and you'll never turn back! 

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