Do Roofing and Scaffolding Specialist Subcontractors Need Construction Software?


Many roofing and scaffolding companies are on the fence about specialist subcontractor health and safety software. They wonder if they really need it to get the job done.

The short answer is no. You don’t need it. In the same way you don’t need power tools, laser levels, or mobile phones to get the job done. But it does make it a whole lot easier.

Specialist subcontractor health and safety software and on site software for scaffolders and roofers isn’t a necessity, but using it will help you to get jobs done faster, with fewer incidents and accidents, and with fewer last-minute crises to deal with.

Worker laying roof tiles
Manage risk and resolve safety issues before they turn into hotspot areas.

How Safety Software for Construction Changes the Way You Work

If you’re looking for something that will help you to reduce accidents and incidents, improve safety compliance and avoid costly delays and failed inspections, specialist subcontractor health and safety software might be just what you need.

This kind of software for roofers and scaffolders helps to ensure that all of your on site employees are properly inducted into safety procedures from day one. It also ensures that your foremen and team leaders have clear steps to follow no matter what happens. So whether it’s filling out a hazard assessment or dealing with a near miss, they have everything at their fingertips.

Rather than always operating in a state of crisis, your team can plan ahead, get more jobs done faster, and bring in more profits.

In-progress new build house showing a partly finished roof
Construction software gives a clear, centralised overview of your team's tasks at hand.

Efficiency Improves Productivity

If you’ve been managing roofing or scaffolding jobs for a while, you know that when something goes horribly wrong and you have to throw all your resources at one problem your productivity drops. It’s only natural because you’re so focused on solving that one big problem that everything else has to wait.

The key to increasing productivity consistently isn’t about never running into problems. It’s about having efficient systems to identify them before they become critical issues.

Software for scaffolders and software for roofers increase subcontractor safety, but they also ensure that your foremen have easy tools to record changes, delays, and other important information about their jobs quickly and easily.

When you choose specialist subcontractor software that has the right tools to capture what’s happening in the field faster your project managers, operations managers, and estimators have more time to solve those problems while they’re small and manageable.

Rather than always operating in a state of crisis, your team can plan ahead, get more jobs done faster, and bring in more profits.

Close up of worker adjusting scaffolding poles
Free up more time to be on site, rather than filling out paperwork.

Communication Is Key

Specialist subcontractor software can’t solve every problem you have on site. However, it can help to improve communication between the field and your administrators and management team.

Communication bottlenecks and delays consistently rank as one of the biggest problems for smaller contractors, and it’s not because foremen don’t want to do it. They just don’t have enough time in the day to fill in forms by hand or find a fax machine to send them to you.

You wouldn’t send your team to site without power tools or a mobile phone. Don’t ask them to communicate using outdated methods either.

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