3 Benefits of Construction Software for Mechanical and Electrical Contractors


Why should mechanical and electrical contractors consider software?

When you’re running a busy M&E contracting business, it’s hard to find the time to think, let alone switch to a new software solution. However, while it does take a little time and effort to implement a new electrical contractor software or mechanical contractor software, there are some very clear benefits to making the time.

Let’s look at three big ways that choosing the right M&E contractor software can impact your business – and your bottom line.

Two construction workers assessing electrical fittings
Using construction software ensures a smoother project

1. Improved Reputation

We all know that when things get busy, it feels like all you can do is tread water, put out fires, and hope you make it out the other side. Usually, that happens because there’s a communication gap between your job sites and your project management team.

Electrical contractor software and mechanical contractor software like Field View is designed to make it quick and easy for your foremen and team leaders to complete critical updates. This means that you get information faster and can make the right decisions sooner.

When you become the company that’s always on top of what’s happening on-site, you become that much more valuable to your clients. In short, using the right subcontractor software can actually help you to get more work.

Electrician checking wires on fusebox
Good field management means employees can spend more time doing the jobs they love.

3. Compliance with Regulations

As an M&E professional, you know that there are many things that need to happen on every job site that has nothing to do with getting the actual work done.

Whether it’s toolbox talks, incident reports or tracking permits, and inspections, there’s a lot of documentation and administration required to properly complete any project.

Even the best foremen can’t remember every piece of documentation that is required for compliance. However, when you use subcontractor software that’s already set up with everything they need to do, it’s a lot easier to ensure they dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s.

Construction workers discussing blueprint plans
Paper methods of communication can often be outdated when they reach the site.

What Makes Great Mechanical and Electrical Contractor Software?

If you’re not quite ready to use enterprise software that manages every aspect of your business, then the best subcontractor software is one that solves one of the biggest problems every subcontractor faces: communication between the office and your job sites.

A user-friendly, easy-to-master software solution that helps you to track progress, solve problems when they happen, and keep your paperwork up to date makes your foremen happy because it’s faster, and it’ll mean less work trying to find information.

Electrical contractor software and mechanical contractor software like Field View streamlines and simplifies reporting from the site. It means you no longer have to wait for project updates, and it takes much less time for your team to complete critical paperwork.

If you think you’re ready for subcontractor software and you’d like to know more, the Trimble team is here to help. Contact us to find out more about Field View, and book a free, no-obligation demo to see how it works and how it can work for you.

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