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Viewpoint’s Webinar Series, "The Punch List," Delivers Software Tips, Best Practices and Much More!

Join us for "The Punch List!" webinar serise and learn tips, tricks and best practices for Viewpoint technology.

We get it, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the great products and features Viewpoint has to offer. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the solution!

Every month, our Professional Services team hosts “The Punch List!” webinar series to provide attendees the opportunity to learn about Viewpoint’s software, services, best practices and much more. To make sure that our customers have all the tools they need to be successful, Professional Services also partners with Viewpoint’s Customer Success team, Viewpoint Academy, and the Viewpoint Network.

“Our Professional Services team was seeing that our clients needed updates to their business processes but weren't sure where to start. Or, they had experienced employee turnover and needed to get new employees trained up quickly," said Marcus Lopez, manager of consulting services for Viewpoint. “To address this, we created ‘The Punch List!’ webinar program so users can see first-hand how to use their software more efficiently. This program also gives clients insight into best practices and how other Viewpoint departments can support them.”

And the best part? Each webinar is only 30 minutes long! We understand how difficult it can be to find an hour of your day to watch a webinar and we don’t want that to be the reason you aren’t up to date with the newest tips, tricks and best practices. So we keep it simple and straight to the point!

Here’s a glimpse into a few previous topics featured on “The Punch List!”

Setting up Viewpoint HR Management (2-Part Series):

This episode of “The Punch List!” was designed to help attendees set up the Viewpoint HR Management solution. In this two part topic, Yvonne Miller, software consultant at Viewpoint, leads customers through onboarding, setting up election benefits, updating and viewing employee information, navigating time off requests and much more.

Part 1:

Part 2:

What You Need to Know About Implementation

Mario Lopez, professional services manager at Viewpoint, used this episode of “The Punch List!” to help clients set up an implementation strategy and methodology. Through this overview, new Viewpoint customers are given a background on the Professional Services team and prepared for new product implementation.

Viewpoint Customer Solution Review

System optimization is a hot topic in discussions with customers. Calvin Strahorn-Brown, Viewpoint’s professional services manager, and Randall Kaufman, Viewpoint’s professional services management consultant, discussed this topic in a recent episode of “The Punch List!” Learn how to “future proof” your systems, design a review process, plan an optimization approach and more in order to maximize your technology investments and properly scale your organization.

Now that we have you hooked, you’re probably wondering how you can sign up for the next “Punch List!” webinar. You can learn more and register for upcoming webinars via our monthly Webinar Digest email and on the Viewpoint Network, where you can also view more on-demand webinars like the ones above. Or, you can access “The Punch List!” webinars on the Viewpoint Customer Portal.

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