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How Contractors are Streamlining Their Employee Onboarding, Training and Reporting with Viewpoint HR Management

The growth of construction companies is always something to celebrate! As we emerge from what appears to be the worst of the pandemic, the good news is there is a lot of potential work available. That means contractors are ramping up and looking for and hiring new employees. This also means that HR departments are now spending more time onboarding, training and reporting on these new projects and employees. Automating these processes, especially with the potential influx of new work coming via the American Jobs Plan, is a critical step to providing construction human resources departments with the tools they need to better manage their time in an efficient and effective way.

The Case for Construction HR Modernization

Construction software automates HR processes to help simplify new employee onboarding and training.

Especially at the project level, where, depending on the size and scope of work, anywhere from a handful to several hundred skilled trade professionals might be needed, it is important to be able to quickly onboard and train new employees. For already strapped back office human resources professionals and teams, this can be a daunting task — especially if they’re relying on paper-based processes or disconnected software solutions to facilitate employee management needs. Modern project demands, quicker timelines, more employee compliance measures and safety training requirements all add to the construction HR professional’s modern-day workload.

This has led to a push for digitization and automation of HR workflows to help balance that load. With the help of construction-specific, connected HR software, onboarding new construction professionals doesn’t have to be a heavy lift.

Simplifying Onboarding and Training Management

With Viewpoint HR Management, contractors can easily access all the tools they need to stay compliant and up to date on training.

With a modern construction HR solution, like Viewpoint HR Management, contractors’ HR departments can find all the tools they need to streamline their employee onboarding and training processes.

With the digitized document management of Viewpoint HR Management, human resources professionals can choose which documents are dispersed to which employees, easily manage tasks and checklists, collect electronic signatures and require employees to acknowledge documentation or specific requests. This minimizes the amount of time employees would spend sorting through paper forms and documents, and the amount of time HR departments spend inputting new hire information into their back-office systems.

Viewpoint HR Management also works to keep track of employee training. Managers are able to easily oversee and track their team’s training status and certifications. Employees can easily access and complete training within Viewpoint HR Management and upload all necessary paperwork straight to the online portal.

As certifications, licenses or other documents come close to expiring, managers and employees alike will receive automatic notifications through the software. This simplified, automated tracking minimizes the amount of time construction management has to spend ensuring their teams are up to date on all the necessary training and compliance measures.

Automated HR Reporting Processes

Processes are streamlined to allow HR teams to easily manage their company's reporting needs.

Construction HR Departments also need to be able to easily report on their company’s HR practices. Quick, accurate reporting is not only critical for internal management and tracking, but also for mandatory government, agency or union requirements. Contractors need to show that all compliance regulations and laws are being consistently met. The more employees a company has, the more reporting that will need to be done. Ranging from business and employee analytics to EEO to FMLA, Viewpoint HR Management delivers these reports in real time, with both pre-built compliance reporting forms and customizable reports ready to go.

The automation of these processes ensures that construction human resources teams are easily able to manage their company’s reporting needs. Similar to onboarding and training, HR employees are able to find their company’s reports all in one place. Reports can be quickly pulled, and shared as needed. As new reports and government regulations are released, new form templates and fields are automatically added to Viewpoint HR Management for human resources professionals to utilize.

As construction organizations grow and take on new projects, their HR staff will see their documentation and government requirements grow as well. By automating onboarding, training and reporting, construction HR teams are better poised to manage their time, while ensuring their company remains up to date in all areas. To learn more about Viewpoint’s HR Management solution, contact us here.

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