Construction and Poetry?


Trimble Viewpoint customers take a break from their daily grind to build the perfect construction haiku

Construction and poetry, who would have thought the two could be such an awesome pair!

We already know that our Trimble Viewpoint customers are a creative bunch, so it was no surprise when we had more than 100 submissions to our construction haiku contest in The Network. For those who don’t know, a haiku is a poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

We have so many creative customers, both on and off the construction site!

Our Winning Construction Poet Laureates:

It was great to see everyone set their hard hats and paperwork to the side and partake in a little friendly competition. Here are our three construction haiku competition winners:

“Poets in hard hats / Construction is an art form / Build in harmony.”

—Carrie P.

“Muddy boots on feet / Cranes lifting rolled steel up high / Building our future.”

—Braxton T.

“We design and build / Create something from nothing / Leave our legacy.”

—Michelle B.

Honorable Mentions:

It was so hard to choose the winning poems with so many great submissions. We wanted to tip our hard hats to these amazing entries as well:

“Cranes raise in the spring / City grows and comes to life / Construction is here!”

—Jessica T.

“New buildings need lights / To keep them out of the dark / And help them shine bright.”

—Kristin N.

“Buildings go up high / Taking shape for all to see / Strong and beautiful.”

—Patti S.

“The ground awaits you / By you it takes shape and form / The dream is now real.”

—Les P.

"I’ve never seen anyone offer a forum like The Network."

More Fun—and Deep Construction Insights—on The Network

How fun were those?! We love seeing the creativity our customers possess both on and off the construction site.

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—Joan H., Business Manager, Turnagain Marine Construction

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