Samantha is passionate about all things marketing and technology, especially when combined with the construction industry.

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Business Intelligence

Season 2 - Episode 4: Making Business More Intelligent

In this episode of A Viewpoint on Construction, we explore big data & the role that business intelligence is — and will be — playing in construction.


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Your Technology Partner for the Future

When smart contractors evaluate software solutions, there are a lot of factors they must take into consideration.

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Construction Conference

What’s New This Year at Viewpoint Collaborate

Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 has quite a reputation among contractors across the nation.


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Putting Paper in Its Place

Paper and construction do not mix.

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Construction Human Resources

Women to the Rescue: How to Solve The Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

To address this shortage, construction organizations across the country have begun focusing on women as a target demographic for hiring.

Construction IT

The Pitfalls of Manual Processes - An Infographic

Manual processes may have worked well in the past, however today they do more harm than good for contractors

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Column of blog entries

Viewpoint Technology Awards - Call for Submissions

Southern Botanical – Customer Payment Portal


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Construction Software

Spooky Construction Stories to Tell on the Jobsite

Happy Halloween from all of us at Viewpoint!

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