Gallit is a content marketing manager at Viewpoint. Her ten years of marketing experience spans across various industries. Gallit enjoys learning about the exciting world of construction and sharing what she has learned with the industry.

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Construction Data

How Specialty Contractors Can Make Sense of Real-Time Construction Analytics

How specialty contractors use real-time construction data and analytics to improve profitability and productivity in 2021.

Construction News

Viewpoint Voices: A Q&A with Shiloh Metcalf, Viewpoint Customer Success Manager

Our new blog series gives you a behind the scenes look at the people behind the Viewpoint solutions and services you use every day.

Viewpoint News

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Construction Software

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Construction Field Data

In 15 minutes, learn how ViewpointOne can help a foreman, project manager and payroll manager all capture and review data to improve workflows

Construction Accounting

Turning AP from a Burden to a Boon

Learn how one company saved over 400 hours of AP time and managed their vendor payment process and save on employee head count.

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Project Management

Get Better Construction Data, Make Better Business Decisions

Learn how to gain and utilize better data to make business decisions and increase profit margins.

Viewpoint Technology

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Viewpoint Voices: A Q&A with Product Marketing Manager Daniel Griffith

Learn more about the Viewpoint team by reading our second installment of our Viewpoint Voices blog series.

Viewpoint News

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