Andy is Marketing Content & PR Manager at Viewpoint. He has worked in the construction software arena since 2011. Previously, he netted multiple awards as a newspaper and trade media editor.

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Project Management

Why Are Contractors Using Fewer Software Applications?

Compared to other industries, construction tends to be slow to go digital. That doesn’t mean the industry isn’t going digital at all, though.

Construction IT

The Importance of Security Investments in Construction

As more construction companies integrate technology into their businesses practices, security and data privacy has become a critical component.

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Construction Industry Trends

Construction Industry Trends: March 2018 Roundup

To get ahead, it’s also important for contractors to keep up with what’s going on throughout the construction industry.

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Louder Than Logos: The Truth About Brand Image

As Viewpoint CEO Manolis Kotzabasakis reminded us yesterday in his opening presentation, Viewpoint Collaborate isn’t just about business


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Construction Conference

Collaborate 2021: Construction Technology Conference, Day 2 Highlights

Inspirations from Laila Ali, the latest on key industry trends, technology deep dives and much more!

Viewpoint News

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5 Cool Bridges You May Not Have Heard Of

Today’s architects, artists, designers, contractors, and builders are collaborating with cities to create outstanding structures

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Construction Industry Trends

Construction Industry Trends: June 2018 Roundup

AGC Uses Targeted Ads to Try to Prevent Work Zone Crashes

Mel Robbins Tabbed as Keynote at Viewpoint Collaborate 2018

This Year’s Keynote Speaker

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