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Why You Need a Long-Term Construction Software Partner


In case you haven’t heard, construction software use is on the rise. By 2020, technology adoption in construction is expected to reach 70 percent, according to a 2017 report from McKinsey Global Institute. Meanwhile, JBKnowledge’s Construction Technology Report noted that workflows like accounting, estimating and project management depend more and more on integrated software. There has also been an increase in mobile device and cloud storage use at companies throughout the construction industry.

Technology has begun to play a larger role in construction for good reason. The cost and time savings modern tools and solutions can enable are significant. As companies adopt new software solutions, though, many have already seen some of the drawbacks of adding multiple, separate software systems by department or need. These systems often do not connect with each other, use different types of data or files, or they have to rely on complicated, sometimes unreliable application programming interfaces (APIs) or bolted-on technologies to function. Oftentimes that means more work for end users, killing productivity.

A single, integrated construction software solution that gives the whole organization access to one set of data, on the other hand, helps streamline processes and facilitate collaboration. A construction ERP and other integrated software solutions that connect accounting, project management, field tools and everything in between, not only makes communication and collaboration easier, but can also enable significant productivity gains and long-term profitability.

Choosing a Dependable Software Provider for the Long Haul

Deciding to move your business to an integrated software system is a big deal. You’ll see many benefits when you do so, but it’s also important to choose a software provider that will be with you for the long haul. You need a partner that listens to its clients, is committed to their success, has the resources and talent to deliver the support you need and continually reinvests into technology and innovation to keep its products not only current, but scalable for the future. Without that, you’re likely to run into headaches down the road.

That’s why thousands of contractors across the globe rely on Viewpoint every day to connect their office, team and field operations, improve collaboration and productivity and significantly boost profit margins. We have an experienced team to support you every step of the way.

Why Viewpoint Construction Software?

At Viewpoint, we know the construction industry. That’s because construction software is all we do — for 40 years now. Our employees have deep experience in accounting, payroll, finance, project management and operations and much more, ensuring you have the backing of professionals that understand your industry and your needs, deliver the solutions and features that will be relevant to you and help you perform better, and work directly with you to develop a technology plan for the future.

We’re also continually updating our software to meet to our clients’ needs. In 2017 alone, Viewpoint issued more than 50 releases and updates across our office, team and field products. Our goal is to transform the way your organization operates by boosting collaboration and productivity across jobsites, entire project teams and in the back office. By streamlining processes, automating workflows, providing powerful data tools like business intelligence and forecasting and delivering real-time information wherever work takes you, we’re changing the dynamic of the construction industry. Contractors are shaking off the chains of traditionally low levels productivity and profitability.

Proven Construction Software ROI

Viewpoint connects the office, team and field

When it comes down to it, though, what many decision-makers really want to know is how software will affect the bottom line. An independent study from Hobson & Company found Viewpoint clients often see bottom-line benefits from our integrated construction management solutions very quickly, and the numbers are significant. According to the study, an organization with $10 million USD in annual revenue, a 5 percent gross margin and 20 projects annually can potentially achieve more than $1.3 million in annual benefits.

ROI for construction software
Construction software enables significant cost savings

Consider the Cloud

Viewpoint software brings many benefits to contractors of all sizes. But there’s one more reason to consider Viewpoint solutions: they give you the ability to move your organization to the cloud.

Historically, contractors have housed their software and data in an on-premise data center, usually in the main office. That’s changing as businesses everywhere — from online banking to retail and entertainment to software to even tasks like grocery shopping are moving to online operating environments. The longer contractors wait to make this move, the more business they’ll lose to rivals that are operating in the cloud as they can build quicker, get paid quicker and wrangle more projects.

With Viewpoint’s cloud-based construction software solutions, your organization can realize the benefits of streamlined, automated construction with the tools to make real-time decisions and move projects forward. Plus, moving to the cloud will take away the burden of staying on top of software updates and maintenance, decreasing your organization’s overall IT footprint.

Have questions about which Viewpoint solution is right for your business? Get in touch. To learn more about our software solutions for the office, team and field, explore our product offerings.