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Adopting Technology that Works in the Field and the Office


Cloud-based construction technology improves access to information in the field and simplifies collecting data for the office.

Contractors today are facing increasingly complex problems on the jobsite and in the office. Labor shortages, harsh deadlines and continual compliance concerns can dog even the most successful construction firms. While challenges abound, many contractors today are not equipped to meet them head-on.

Leaders in construction operations often find it difficult to have their teams adopt the right tools to capture the various needed data points in the field. That can lead to different teams adopting different software or manual processes based on what works best for them. This limits the ability to standardize processes to scale, efficiently communicate data or trust its underlying integrity.

Simplifying Processes Between the Office and Field

Viewpoint has heard all too often of these frustrations and has developed a new solution that will make capturing and communicating data from the field to the office much easier. Viewpoint Field Management brings operations teams a robust tool set for labor time, equipment time and management and production progress entry, while extending access to purchase orders and requisitions, material receipts, training records and daily huddles — all on the web. An impressive new mobile app that is offline capable enhances the user experience and extends functionality to even the most remote of places.

We not only delivered an impressive single toolset for all of the operations teams to utilize but we continue to enhance and improve on the experience for our customers. In this month’s 19.4 release, our customers on the Field Management app enjoyed substantial new UI updates to make it easier to capture data on a single screen from your mobile device, while also entering overhead line and note entry.

Client-Driven Functionality

The Viewpoint Field Management mobile solution streamlines field to office workflows.

Beyond Field Management, Viewpoint is dedicated to making enhancements to our solutions that will matter most to our customers. We are excited to announce that with this latest release we have developed functionality that addresses the top five client suggestions we’ve received for our HR Management, Financial Controls and Field Management solutions.

One of the major improvements we’ve made is helping contractors maintain compliance with regulatory and contractual compliance issues. In an effort to work through current construction labor shortages, oftentimes different departments within construction companies will bring on contracted workers who are not employees. These contract employees still require access to company systems and tools to get their work completed. However, in order to comply with Sarbanes Oxley, these companies may have to set up they odd work arounds.

When contracted workers are using different processes it increases confusion, limits communication of data and inhibits scalability. Viewpoint’s HR Management, Financial Controls and Field Management solutions provide a web extension of the Vista ERP to browser-connected to devices, letting employees access critical workflows where they are. In version 19.4 there have been substantial portal administration improvements for Sarbanes Oxley compliance for third party or inter company management so that now a portal admin user can now be added without a PR employee number setup.

Improvements like these help contractors stay in compliance while maintaining a single source of truth in the construction ERP. For a full detailed list of all of the enhancements be sure to check the 19.4 release notes.

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