Obliterate Profit Constraints with Integrated Processes

Contractors that effectively integrate their workflow and systems can grow profits faster in a good economy and can weather the storm far better in a downturn.

Topics covered include:

  • Profit Constraints – What is holding your business back?
  • Understanding disconnects between functional areas of the company; how much they cost and how to bridge those gaps.
  • Identifying and streamlining the key cross-functional processes that add the most value to your company.
  • Leveraging real data from your company to drive lasting change.
  • Developing a strong operating rhythm around the two most important company-level meetings.
  • Improve your project performance by adding rigor and structure to two key processes.

About the Presenters:
DAVID BROWN is the Founder and President of D. Brown Management, a management advisory firm helping construction contractors grow profitability. BRIAN M. ANDREW is a Senior Consultant with D. Brown Management and leader of the company’s Financial Solutions Group.