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Vista Changing Month on a Batch

Interested in learning more about Vista? Visit our website to learn more: Getting the month on a batch of invoices wrong in Vista can be a tedious and frustrating process. Now see an easy way to alter your month on a batch. To get access to the most current updates Viewpoint has to offer ensures that you are updated to the latest Vista version. Subscribe here for more Vista Videos and Viewpoint Insights! "Vista. Changing the Month on a Batch. There are few things more frustrating than posting a batch of invoices and finding you have mistakenly entered the wrong month on the batch. While before, the only option was to delete the batch and start over. Now you can change the batch under tasks. Two options are available for changing posted and unposted batches. Click on move unposted transactions for unposted patches. You can now enter another desired month. Then confirm that you want to clear the incorrect prior batch and then switched to the new batch. Go through a similar process to alter months on posted batches already committed to the system. Under tasks, click on copy posted transactions to open month. Take advantage of the latest and greatest Vista enhancements. Ensure you are upgraded to the latest Vista version."