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Handling complex construction jobs is made easier with the right software for your office, your project teams, and your field staff. Companies with connected data between project management, in-field teams, back office accounting and job costing, and other project stakeholders have the edge over the competition. Connected construction data and powerful reporting capabilities enable a smoother workflows, enhanced productivity and analysis, and ultimately a better bottom line. Tracking Unapproved Invoices Managing Change Orders Billing Process Subcontractor Compliance Field Time and Materials Tracking Safety Management When it comes to return on investment, Trimble connected solutions delivers with unparalleled time savings. Trimble Viewpoint provides real-time data to help you lower risk through improved visibility—letting you address jobsite situations before they become jobsite problems. Trimble Viewpoint's connected construction management solutions boost contractors' profit margins. Trimble Viewpoint's connected construction management solutions provide immediate and demonstrable bottom line benefits. A typical organization with $10 million in annual revenue and a 5% gross margin who completes 20 projects annually can achieve annual benefits exceeding $1.3 million per year. Of the more than 20 benefits identified, here is a sample of potential annual value to an organization with $10M in annual revenue who completes 20 projects annually: Revenue Gains Cost Savings $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 $0 Productivity Improvements Reduce Time Tracking and Managing Safety Reduce Project Delays and Rework Expense Eliminate Redundant IT Applications Increase in Top Line Revenue Increase in Gross Margins Reduction in Print and Mail Cost Reduction in Redundant Applications Save Time Mitigate Risks Increase Profit 50% 40% 50% 35% 50% 75% REDUCTION REDUCTION REDUCTION REDUCTION REDUCTION REDUCTION "Our sites are running with this technology because it saves them so much time and they get much better reporting from it." — Large General Contractor "Project managers are billing more accurately, and the process is more efficient from a timing standpoint, which helps with cash flow." — Mid-range GC and Subcontractor "Vista eliminated 3-4 additional applications which were necessary with our previous ERP." — Large Heavy/Civil Contractor Achieve a Higher Return on Investment When You Plan, Do & Manage With a Connected Construction Management Suite from Trimble Viewpoint Equipment and Materials Cost Compliance Risk and Liability Exposure REDUCTION REDUCTION 1% 10% Project Delays 30% REDUCTION Post-Completion Rework 30% REDUCTION 3% 0.75% 70% 100% Key ROI Findings Benefits by Type 7% 36% 57% Source: Hobson & Company (2017). Driving ROI, The Case for a Proven Construction Management Solution. Portland, OR: Viewpoint, Inc. These results are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of performance using Viewpoint products. Actual results and savings may vary depending on a number of factors. Trimble Viewpoint construction software solutions, part of Trimble Connected Construction, allow contractors to better manage their projects, pro- cesses and people, using the data gathered to lower risk and improve margins. With more than 40 percent of the ENR 400 on our platforms, Trimble Viewpoint innovations are transforming the construction industry by connecting operations across financial and HR systems, project management tools and mobile field solutions. For more information, visit: ©2021 Viewpoint, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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