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Page 1 of 3 | +1 800.333.3197 With a goal of streamlining processes and improving productivity Mid- State turned to Viewpoint to help take the next step. "We needed to look to the future. It was a no brainer to grow our relationship and go with ProContractor," said Pope. Getting a Complete Picture ProContractor is a complete construction software solution that provides end-to-end control of critical business operations from takeoff and estimating through job cost accounting and project management, and ultimately for critical reporting and analysis. It was the job costing component of ProContractor that strongly appealed to Mid-State Paving. With one solution, the contractor is able to easily manage change orders, budgets, and burdened labor; and do on- screen comparisons to manage profitability throughout the project. "Analyzing costs is always important, but in an economy where there is more competition and bids must be tighter, it is even more critical for us," stated Pope. Improving Payroll Payroll was another major challenge for Mid-State. In addition to requiring a significant amount of unnecessary data entry with their previous system, the firm's public works projects require compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act by paying prevailing wages. This requirement adds another level of complexity to the payroll process for contractors, and as a solution tailored to the needs of construction, ProContractor offers Davis-Bacon certified payroll reporting, along with workers compensation, and benefit tracking to streamline processes. The new solution automatically calculates earnings, benefits, fringes, insurance liabilities, and taxes, as well as provides many other features that streamline the payroll process for Mid-State. "Since ProContractor automates the calculations, we have been able to condense our three-step payroll process to a one-step process," commented Pope. "This will save us about 30 percent of our payroll personnel's time when entering payroll data. Before, it would take about two days to process our bi-weekly payroll. Now, with ProContractor, it takes about a half of a day, is more accurate, and requires less calculating and data entry." We no longer need to enter the same materials over and over again and can easily pull materials and crews in for each estimate. ProContractor™ by Viewpoint will improve our accuracy and enable us to bid faster. – Steven Pope, Administrative Manager

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