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C A S E S T U D Y | +1 800.333.3197 Like many startups, when Klenck Company was founded in 2008, they handled many of their processes using pen and paper and relied on QuickBooks for their accounting. The management team of this demolition and site work contractor, based in Indiana, understood that to be truly established and grow they needed to automate their entire construction process from bid to cash. Growing to $8 million in its first four years and employing up to 35 people at a given time, Klenck Company turned to the ProContractorâ„¢ by Viewpoint all-in-one business management software solution. Leading the change was the company's estimator and project manager, Matt Elfreich, who initially wanted the software to perform takeoffs. He explained, "We have now rolled it into takeoff, estimating, accounting, and project management. We are using it more and more each day." Elfreich looked at other products for estimating, but found they didn't offer any options for accounting and project management and were expensive for managing just one area of the business. Quick and Accurate Takeoff and Estimating The takeoffs and estimates for the demolition side of the business are performed by Tim Klenck, the firm's president, who had always relied on paper and pencil. The utility and site work estimates are handled by Elfreich who utilized spreadsheets before moving to ProContractor. With the manual method, Klenck would have to start from scratch every time he did a new estimate. And, for Elfreich, he often worried about errors in the spreadsheet formulas. For a typical job, which is between $200,000 and $500,000 for this contractor, there could easily be 60 spreadsheets feeding into the master spreadsheet, each with its own formulas. "If one formula was off, it could make a huge difference; especially on bid day, when you're running around like your head is cut off. One wrong number could significantly impact a $500,000 job." Kleneck Company CUSTOMER OVERVIEW Headquarters: Evansville, Indiana 1719 W Louisiana St, Evansville, IN 47710 (812) 963-9000

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