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3 ©2021 Viewpoint, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "It was a really inefficient way of running things," Cunningham said. "We had a collection of systems that didn't always work well with each other and there were many times when our office staff and field staff were not seeing eye-to-eye with the information they had in front of them. When you have projects all throughout Western Canada and you're moving the kind of data that we are, we just couldn't afford to have errors and delays with our projects." Scott Builders picked Trimble Viewpoint's Spectrum® Construction Software to be its complete construction management solution—Cunningham noting that it allowed his company a much deeper view of the data from the accounting side, while providing a significantly more robust project management suite that gave project managers more control in the field. "With the amount of information we're now able to put into a project manager's hands we have realized significantly increased productivity," Cunningham said. "Before, we were using a number of different methods to shuttle information around, and we had all these rules and scenarios with what we could or couldn't pay or what we could or couldn't do without a project manager's approval. Now it is very easy to run everything by the project manager. Documents 3

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