Viewpoint’s operations solutions deliver real-time office and field information, documentation control and much more from a powerful, centralised, single source.

Operations management is the backbone of a successful construction company.

Control, track, and improve your company’s operations to maximise your profitability.

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Manage Projects

Improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes, and eliminate duplications.

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Strengthen communication channels between Office, Team and Field.

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Realise Success

Realise cost savings and increased profit margins.

Your Next Big Construction Project: A Big Success

You can streamline your business, stay on target and save time with Viewpoint construction operations software.

Unparalleled visibility of your field and subcontractors

Track work progress every step of the way and improve collaboration and reporting across entire project teams.

Take control of change management processes

Adjust mid-job when necessary and track changes in the field. Capture information for better decision making.

Streamline business processes

Viewpoint’s project and field management solutions improve communication and collaboration to increase project productivity.

Cloud-based, Collaborative, Integrated Solutions

Viewpoint Team is the next-generation project management platform you need to transform your business. A cloud-based construction collaboration platform that brings your organisation and your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners together. Easily manage communications, documents and Approved for Construction (AFC) drawings in a single solution.