From local home builders to international multi-project developers, we provide a 360° view of your operations across office, team and field.

You only get one chance to do a construction job. Transform your business with scalable, configurable and fully integrated software solutions designed to save you time, money and risk.

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What happens in the field doesn’t have to stay in the field. Tie together data between the field and the office for a real-time picture of job progress.

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Connect disparate team members through collaborative, centralised communications and documents to reduce errors, preserve project integrity and mitigate risk.

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Intuitive, customisable, and standardised site management tools provide complete visibility into project process and change management.


Powerful software solutions that fuel better communication and collaboration across entire project teams and between the office and field.

Document Control

Organise, secure and share information anywhere, anytime with powerful document control and collaboration tools.

Risk Management

Increase transparency into projects to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with Level 2 BIM requirements.

Cloud-based, Collaborative, Integrated Solutions

No matter your needs or the size of your company, Viewpoint has the best construction software for commercial and residential businesses.

Full Control Over Your Projects

Viewpoint For Projects™ is a powerful collaboration solution for project management. This cloud-based document control solution helps contractors alleviate project uncertainties by streamlining documentation, reducing errors, mitigating risks, and avoiding duplication of efforts.

Keep Your Entire Team In The Know

Viewpoint Team™ is a cloud-based construction collaboration platform that brings your organisation and your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners together. Easily manage communications, documents and Approved for Construction (AFC) drawings in a single solution.

Take Action in the Field

Viewpoint Field View™ is a cloud-based mobile application that allows workers to capture, share and report data in the field. Field View allows contractors to quickly resolve issues, mitigate risks, and deliver higher quality projects. This powerful mobile field management solution integrates Viewpoint Team Project Management and Viewpoint For Projects to form a comprehensive suite of software solutions.