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Vista 6.14 Operations Enhancements


Service Management

Service Management is comprised of the Work Order Management and Service Agreement modules. These modules are designed for specialty and other contractors seeking tools to easily manage small job work orders. Additionally, the modules are designed for quick billing, automating preventative maintenance, facilitating periodic billing, and managing the renewal of agreements.

Vista 6.14 includes the following enhancements:

Billing Email Attachments. To reduce billing questions and delays, when a bill for service is emailed to a customer, Vista now has the ability to attach important documents, such as a copy of the Work Order, to that bill.

New! Work Order Cost Adjustment Tool. Vista now provides Service Management users a convenient tool to make quick cost corrections or adjustments, such as moving cost from one Work Order to another, saving time and effort.

New! Labor Requirements Projection Utilization Report. This new report provides critical insight into labor utilization and technician performance for better ability to manage personnel.

Dispatch Board Uplift. The Vista Service dispatch board has received a number of significant enhancements in key areas to enhance efficiency and usability, to present important information in a more accessible way, and to better align with real-world workflows.

  • Color-coding of call types makes the dispatch board easier to understand at a glance.
  • Advanced multi-day scheduling provides added flexibility when scheduling appointments across full days or multiple partial days.
  • Partial Scope assignment allows scope to be split and assigned by technician.
  • New attachments pane shows in one place, all attachments related to a given work order.
  • The ability to sort technicians on the dispatch board makes it easier to locate techs from the list.

Quotation Partial Approval. Vista now provides increased flexibility in the Service quotation approval process by providing the ability to partially approve quotations in situations where there are multiple items requiring approval.

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