Turnagain Marine Construction Wins Most Challenging Project Award 2020


With the cruise line industry rapidly growing, small tourist towns like Hoonah, Alaska are finding it a necessity to quickly expand and build larger docks for the incoming ships. Just three years after constructing the first berth in Hoonah, Turnagain Marine Construction was contracted by Huna Totem to build a second dock. Working with the local Native Village Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Line, Turnagain Marine developed a plan that would fulfill the cruise line’s needs while also maintaining respect for the native land. 

A Carefully Crafted Project

Turnagain Marine used Spectrum software to construct a second berth in Hoonah, Alaska.

Operating with Huna Totem, Turnagain Marine worked to quickly and efficiently construct a second berth designed to accommodate up to 4,000 passengers and ship vessels up to 1,000 feet in length. Being in remote Alaska where the weather can get intense, the team designed the dock to withstand 14.5 foot waves and winds up to 139 mph in speed.

Being that Hoonah is a community without industrial support services or freight delivery, Turnagain Marine used tug and barge services out of Seattle to have all materials delivered to the project location. All other supplies and crew members were flown in on small aircrafts, where diligent pre-planning was needed to make sure everything was delivered on time and undamaged.

To wrap up the project, not only did Turnagain Marine complete the berth seven months ahead of schedule, but the project was also completed without a single claim, dispute, change order, or injury throughout the process.

Additionally, Turnagain Marine was able to successfully fulfill the wishes of the local residents in maintaining the authentic local culture in the construction of the berth. The organization used local timber for the base of the dock and designed the paint color and details to harmonize with the environment, reducing negative impacts within the community. Through the development of the project, local jobs, revenue and economic stability were brought to the community of Hoonah.

An Award-Worthy Endeavor

The complexity of the Icy Strait Point Berth II project earned Turnagain Marine the title of Most Challenging Project in 2020.

Turnagain Marine’s success in managing such a complex project is why the company earned a Viewpoint Construction Award for Most Challenging Project at our Collaborate 2020 conference last September.

A judging panel reviewed the nominated projects and selected winners from three categories: most challenging project, most innovative use of Viewpoint technology and the greatest pivot on a project. Based on their ability to efficiently complete their project despite challenging environmental conditions and a remote location, Turnagain Marine Construction was awarded the title of Most Challenging Project. Watch Turnagain Marine’s story below:

How Viewpoint’s Spectrum Solution Helped

To complete the Icy Strait Point Berth II project, Turnagain Marine used Viewpoint’s Spectrum software as its project management solution. Spectrum helped assist the company in managing cost data, change orders, equipment costs and scheduling. With the various moving parts and difficulties in having materials and crew members transported to Hoonah, Spectrum provided Turnagain Marine with a streamlined and efficient way to keep track of all the processes.

Viewpoint Spectrum is a web based ERP software solution, part of the cloud-based, connected ViewpointOne software suite. Spectrum provides contractors with real-time data and automated workflows across all departments. To learn more about Spectrum and how Viewpoint can enhance your construction processes, contact us here.

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