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Streamlining Construction RFIs and Other Manual Processes


Trying to manage construction RFIs and other collaborative processes without real-time workflows can be a challenge.

When it comes to the construction process, no project runs exactly as it was planned. Issues, questions and problems are always going to arise. As these come up and project clarifications are needed, having a solid request for information (RFI) process in place will play a significant role in helping the construction process continue smoothly.

As issues occur, contractors may need to request additional information from others involved in the project. Unfortunately, while this RFI is then sent out in search of an answer, the project risks falling behind and losing resources until a solution is found. While this search for information is necessary on construction sites, it often holds contractors back. Due to the manual processes that many teams use, information and details risk being lost in translation. When emails are missed and spreadsheets get out of sync, the RFI process does the opposite of what it is intended to do. This creates problems for the company's project timeline and will create points of tension throughout the construction team.

Simplifying the Process

With integrated, cloud-based software solutions, all project stakeholders can have the information they need at their fingertips, instantly.

By implementing integrated, cloud-based software solutions, the RFI process can be both simplified and streamlined. Through mobile and browser applications in the cloud, information is accessible for everyone on the team from any location. Regardless of whether users are in the office, in the field, or somewhere deep underground, the data and workflows project stakeholders need is always at their fingertips. With a centralized location for all information and standardized data across the organization, users can be sure they’re seeing the most accurate data in real time, allowing them to quickly address RFIs and keep construction work moving.

Using an integrated software suite, various elements of an RFI can be easily shared. With PDFs accessible for anyone on the team and alerts when emails are received, the process of gaining additional information is simplified. As information is available in real-time, the touch points of an RFI are sped up. With tightly managed information, the software allows for quick access and prompt responses. Using a system that supports real-time data and automated processes, the search for information and answers occurs in a much smaller amount of time. That leaves more time for your teams to focus on the project at hand.

The Power of ViewpointOne

Integrated ViewpointOne solutions standardize data and facilitate real-time information sharing, improving efficiency with RFIs and other construction processes.

ViewpointOne is Viewpoint’s answer to streamlining contractors’ RFIs and other data-driven processes. An integrated construction management suite, ViewpointOne connects your entire project team with real-time data and project collaboration tools to boost efficiency and accuracy. Integrated with job cost accounting and operations solutions, the software standardizes project data to ensure all users are working with the same, up-to-date information at all times.

RFI submitters easily fill out an intuitive form from their own workstation, tablet or smartphone. ViewpointOne does the rest by delivering the RFI to the proper parties and alerting them when information is needed. This limits the amount of future questions or missing information right from the beginning of the process. ViewpointOne also creates a complete audit trail and project record so users alway know what the status of the RFI is at all times. This handles in minutes what could take weeks or longer to accomplish through traditional construction RFI channels.

Streamlined RFIs management is just one feature among a wide set of project communication and collaboration tools found in ViewpointOne solutions, including advanced project and document management, submittal management, simplified change order and purchase order processes and intuitive labor, equipment and materials management.

With the help of ViewpointOne, project management becomes a much easier task. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to learn more about ViewpointOne and how Viewpoint’s construction solutions can benefit your organization.

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